Spring 2020 To-Do List


Note: I only wrote this post about ten days ago, but goodness has SO MUCH changed in the last ten days. I absolutely never could have imagined just how different our worlds and the coming weeks would look when I wrote and then scheduled this blog post. I’m going to leave the content the same… while knowing that very, very little of this will likely actually happen as hoped for. Despite this springtime looking wildy different than we ever anticipated, there is so much renewal, new life, hope, and beauty to be found in this season — if only we open our eyes up to see it!

Spring is officially here as of today, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic for the arrival of my absolute favorite season! It signals the return of sandals and sundresses, picnics and meals al fresco, tennis season, festivals, flowers exploding into bloom all over the place, warm sunshine on my skin, embracing outdoor adventures and road trips, longer days and long walks, and so many of the things I love the most. Spring is most definitely my season, and I feel like I’m in a perpetually happy mood! I love making seasonal to-do lists (as evidenced in 2019, 20182017201620152014, and 2013), and Rob and I have been brainstorming what we want to check off this Spring’s annual bucket list of fun! We’re definitely going to be embracing time when we can to seek out new adventures, explore our area, revisit old favorites, and soak up all this season has to offer, especially before the intense heat and humidity of summer really kick in!

Without further ado, here is this year’s Spring Checklist:

  • celebrate our third anniversary in Asheville!!
  • celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Christ
  • go to the farmer’s market often + cook lots of seasonal meals and desserts using Spring’s bounty
  • plant our own little herb garden on our back deck
  • plant roses in our yard (and learn how to garden much better!)
  • walk around Lake Johnson (where we had our second date!) and kayak
  • visit Charlottesville (our fave!) with my family!
  • go to Umstead Park for a long walk and picnic
  • take a spontaneous day trip to the beach
  • visit the WRAL Azalea Gardens
  • pick strawberries at a local farm
  • make lots of desserts and cocktails with said berries
  • visit Duke Garden and bring a picnic from Foster’s Market (my college fave spot for lunch!)
  • walk around Chapel Hill and eat lunch at Merritt’s
  • check out lots of local festivals
  • visit as many outdoor patios around Raleigh
  • play tennis 2x a month
  • walk around our neighborhood every evening that we’re home
  • check out Poole’side Pies, Ashley Christensen’s newest restaurant
  • host a Spring dinner party
  • celebrate our dear friends at two weddings!! Rob and I are both a bridesmaid/groomsman in one (we set them up at our wedding!), and Rob is a groomsman in the other!


And some springtime wisdom from my favorite Anne of Green Gables:

“After all, I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.”

“I’d wish it might be spring all the time and in everybody’s heart and all our lives.”

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