Pinterest Inspired Outdoor Wedding Inspiration

I’m back with another Pinterest inspired wedding space but this time I want to step it up a notch! Last time I focused on a room with feminine details that were easily translated into wedding design. I took a few colors and vibes and turned it into feminine and classic wedding details. This time I want to take a space with more natural elements and a more casual vibe that will be the perfect inspiration for your southern outdoor reception!

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Let’s take this stunning entry way/living room. This room has a warm feel with the neutrals, wood detail and hints of green and blue. Amazing, right?! The pieces I would pull from this to focus on in your wedding design are natural woods, white/cream, greenery, hints of blue and of course the copper/wrought iron.

These elements scream outdoor venue to me, so for this design I am going to plan it around an outdoor reception space. Let’s first take the wood details that are so prevalent in this inspiration. For a wedding you might be stumped (wood puns!) on how to incorporate wood without it being too “outdoorsy.” Here are a few stunning ways to incorporate wood into your design while still keeping your design feminine and clean.

These gorgeous wood table numbers, centerpieces vessels, and welcome signs would add perfect touches to your venue. If you want to dive even more into the natural feel, a stunning wood farm table with clean white place settings would be flawless. With most of these elements, you can see the touches of green that are picked up in the inspiration coming through with greenery, which makes the wood pop even more.

Next, let’s hone in on the wrought iron and copper that are picked up in the inspiration through the chandelier, the copper bucket, and the flower vase.

Now, every girl with a Pinterest has swooned over the Moscow Mule cups, and if you are looking to tie in a copper element to your wedding this is the perfect way to do it. They add the perfect southern flair and the sweetest touch to your table design. This copper leaf cake is equally charming and adds something so unique to your cake design. Now, these wrought iron lanterns (while slightly more rustic) are stunning paired with candles either as a centerpiece or on cocktail tables, food tables, etc.

If you’re a simple gal, this sweet pairing of wood, copper and greenery might be perfect for you… but if you’re looking to take your design even further and hone in on those blues that are featured in your inspiration, then keep reading!

The blue that is picked up in the rug and artwork is so subtle but adds depth and interest to the room. And it can certainly do the same for your reception space! Adding the extra color element can really enhance your design and take your already stunning decor and take it to the next level. Besides, every wedding needs that something blue!

Let’s start with this gorgeous vintage glassware! It is absolutely stunning, whether you use it as drinking glasses or additions to your centerpieces they add the most timeless and charming detail. Personally, blue flowers can come off as a little tacky, especially if done the wrong way. However, blue hydrangeas will never get old! They are the daintiest southern touch, and if you’re looking for a hint of blue, they make the sweetest floral addition. If you’re looking for a more classic route to your blue, then these soft cocktail table linens are so charming and effortless.

What do you think?! Is there another home or room design that you’re been inspired by lately? We’d love to hear if you have a favorite interior design that you’d like to see translated into a wedding design!

How To: Make Your Pinterest Inspiration Come to Life

From my education in interior design and the few weddings I have assisted Stephanie with, it has become so apparent to me that weddings and interiors really do mesh perfectly! What I love about interior design is how all the small details come together and play such a big role in the finished product of the room, and the same goes for weddings. One tiny tweaking of a floral arrangement, or adding one touch of gold to the table can make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. It makes it so much fun! I love playing around with styling and accessories to make a room unique and special, and you can do the same for your wedding.

With Pinterest, it is so easy to see a picture and think “I want my room to look just like this!” or see a wedding venue and think “My wedding will look like this!” But when it comes to actually picking things out it is easier said than done. Today let’s talk about taking inspiration and transforming them into tangible styles in accessories (in particular wedding design!)

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So, let’s say this is your inspiration photo (major heart eyes), and you want to take aspects of this living room vignette and use them for your wedding design!  There’s a few aspects you want to consider: color, texture, and “feel.” For this space there are a lot of bright neutrals and golds with pops of pink, orange and black. In terms of texture, it is very sleek which gives the space a more sophisticated feel.

Now, here comes the tricky part… how do you take this and make it into a wedding design? Personally, I would really play up the pink (and orange if you’re feeling bold!), gold and neutrals in the space, as well as the sophisticated feel! If you don’t want your wedding to scream girly but you want to add in those feminine touches, pink flowers are a perfect statement! The options with pink flowers are limitless, literally.. there is no limit.


Here are three GORGEOUS floral options, all with their own character and style. Next let’s focus on that gold aspect of our inspiration. Gold is a super easy way to dress up and add a classic flair to any space! For wedding table styles a simple white china with gold detailing and gold flatware will do the trick perfectly. You can also add in a pop of gold with a gorgeous set of gold chiavari chairs.


If you want to hone in on the glass aspect of the coffee table and use that as an inspiration for your wedding it would be so simple and stunning to incorporate crystal and glass elements. These pink and gold elements + classic white linens will give your wedding reception a fun, fresh, and classic feel.

In the next Pinterest Inspiration How To, I’m going to focus on a more rustic/ farmhouse inspiration to give your outdoor wedding the perfect Southern vibe!

Meet my newest intern, Lea!

Hi y’all! My name is Lea Burton, and I am one of Stephanie’s newest interns! I have worked with Stephanie on two weddings already, and I am beyond excited to begin creating content for her blog as well! Before we dive into the good stuff I want to tell y’all a little bit about myself.

I am from Asheville, North Carolina and I have lived there my whole life, however, I am living in Raleigh now for school. I will be a senior this year at NC State where I am majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Interior Design at Meredith College. Interior design is my passion, and I am thrilled to be pursuing a career in a field that I love. I am so excited to be able to combine my knowledge and love for interiors and tie that into weddings, style and everyday life (there is more to it than Pinterest)! I am a lover of golden retrievers, all things sweet, and spending time outdoors!

In terms of blogging, I will be posting content relating to interior design/styling, as well as how to take content/images/designs you like and how to use them as inspiration for your own space, personal style, or, of course… your wedding!


As I mentioned, I have already assisted Stephanie at two weddings and… WOW!! Growing up I was always one of those girls who dreamt about my wedding day and watched all of the TLC shows about weddings, but being on the other side of the process was unlike anything I could have imagined. All of the work and details that go into every single aspect of the big day is remarkable. Being prone to stress, I was blown away by how calm Stephanie stayed throughout the day (something I need to learn from). The two weddings were so different in so many ways, but each one was just as beautiful and special in its own way, which I think is what makes weddings so magical!

My next wedding with Stephanie is July 22nd, and I am thrilled to get to be apart of another couple’s big day!

I am so excited to have Lea on board as one of my interns this summer and fall, and she has been a tremendous help already! She was also sorority sisters at NC State with last summer’s intern, Janna, so it makes it a seamless transition and such a great fit. One of the very first things I tell all of my interns is that wedding planning is not – at all – glamorous most of the time. And I think Lea has learned that firsthand! I deeply, deeply love my job, which I think all of my clients know, but the role of a wedding planner is often glamourized to the outside world. When a potential intern comes to me and is interested in weddings and/or becoming a wedding planner, I love to show them the ins and outs of my job and my role, and they learn very quickly how much work wedding planning is… and how physically demanding, strenuous, and busy a wedding day is. It’s not for the faint of heart! Lea has picked up countless skills already and has been such an asset to my team, and I’m so grateful for the selfless ways she’s served my team and my couples on their wedding day. Stay tuned for lots of fun content from Lea over the coming months!