Five Things I’m Loving Lately | 5

I hope you are having a wonderful day, friends! How was your weekend?! As I say all the time, Spring is my absolute favorite, and we have been relishing all of the sunny, warm (pollen-filled!) days around here. Our dogwood tree in the backyard is just about to bloom, we've been loving our daily walks … Continue reading Five Things I’m Loving Lately | 5

Four Years of Marriage and Marriage Q&A

Rob and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary today! Four years. Some days, it feels like our wedding day was just yesterday… and other moments, it feels like we’ve been married for a dozen years, in the very best way possible. The past four years together have been filled with so much pure joy and … Continue reading Four Years of Marriage and Marriage Q&A

Recipe: Grapefruit Gimlets

Crafting seasonal cocktails is a really fun date night activity (as seen with our gingerbread old fashioneds)! Inspired by the Spring season, vibrant and fresh fruit flavors, and colorful citrus, we decided to add a grapefruit twist to a tried and true cocktail favorite: the gimlet. It couldn't be easier (three ingredients!) to make a … Continue reading Recipe: Grapefruit Gimlets