Making the most of this season

spring flower

Hi friends! It’s hard to know what to blog about and what to even talk about in this season, but I’m going to power through anyway. Likely none of this is a novel new idea or anything groundbreaking, but as a list-maker by nature, here are some ways that we are planning on making the most of this unprecedented, uncertain season and turning to God in all things:

  1. Be still and savor a quieter day or hour.
  2. Pray, journal, do daily devotionals, and read the Bible.
  3. Write in a daily gratitude journal. I’ve shared so much about this practice and giving thanks in ALL things here and here.
  4. Read books. I have so many blog posts about favorite books (here, here, and here), and I’ve also shared some newer favorites (fiction, non-fiction, and classics) over on Instagram. Libraries are closed, but there is the free library app (Overdrive and Libby) where you can download e-books or audio books, as well as the Kindle app, Scribd, Audible, and more. I can also bet you have plenty of books on your own bookshelves that you’ve been meaning to read!
  5. Read blogs. Some favorites: Em For Marvelous, Something Pretty, Gal Meets Glam, Kyla Shattuck, Rhiannon Bosse, Elemuse, Carly the Prepster, Cup of Jo, Design Darling, Lonestar Southern
  6. Listen to all of those podcasts you have been meaning to listen to. Some favorites: Work and Play with Nancy Ray, Twirk Talk, Cultivate Your Life with Lara Casey
  7. Have a movie marathon with popcorn. (Making it an event infuses a bit more joy into what can easily become the mundane)
  8. Play board games and card games. Some of our faves: Yahtzee, Carcassone, Seven Wonders, Ticket to Ride, Boggle, Star Wars Epic Duels, and so much more. We’re about to dive into our board game closet and dust off a few older games!
  9. Do a puzzle on your dining room table.
  10. Have a picnic (indoor or outdoor) on your deck, front porch, yard, living room, etc. We love injecting picnics into our normal routine – really, just sitting on a blanket on the floor/grass and make it more of an event, maybe with a slightly fancier menu!
  11. Cook or bake. I normally love to bake and cook interesting, new, somewhat extensive recipes, which just isn’t that practical right now. But I still find a lot of peace and joy in the kitchen and have been doing my best. My two favorite bakers/cooks (and bloggers!) are Half Baked Harvest and Elisabeth and Butter. Everything they share is utterly amazing! And you can also bake for your neighbors or for people who aren’t able to do so and then leave some homemade goodies on their porches.
  12. Look for ways to help others and serve your community. I believe we’re called to love, serve, and help others in whatever ways we can and to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Can you donate time, donate blood, donate your knowledge, donate money, and give of your resources? There are countless ways to do this and so many critical ways to help. From local food banks to getting children lunches to caring for your elderly neighbors to staying home and healthy to giving financially to supporting small businesses… truly countless ways to help others in this trying, uncertain time.
  13. Call or FaceTime family and friends to catch up and hang out! I’ve “seen” and talked with more family and friends in the past five days than I have the past month, which is a little crazy. In this day and age, I am incredibly thankful to stay connected with our loved ones through technology. From Marco Polos to Google Hangouts/Zoom to Facetime, etc, I’ve had lunch dates, book club, articles club, girls nights, baby showers, etc moved online. It absolutely helps to feel so connected to loved ones!
  14. Declutter, clean, and organize your home.
  15. Spend time on your favorite hobbies — or find a new one!
  16. Stay active, exercise, get fresh air, and spend time in the sunshine. So, so important! Watch the flowers bloom, see the trees come back to life, listen to the birds chirp, go on a walk, move your body, and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin – it’s life-giving.
  17. Do something you’ve been putting off.
  18. Take a bubble bath (my ultimate form of relaxation!) – or whatever brings you comfort and peace.
  19. Check in on your people.
  20. Find glimpses of beauty, joy, and hope. Connect with God, others, and yourself. Practice gratitude.


As our pastor at Vintage Church said, “Jesus is not absent but will meet his church and the world-at-large in our suffering. We have faith in him, and it’s during this time we’re reminded of where our hope ultimately lies. Through Jesus Christ we are God’s children, the Body of Christ, and his ambassadors, so let us share his love with our neighbors, our city, and the world through both word and deed. We encourage you to both pray and seek out ways to love your neighbors in these chaotic and potentially dangerous times.”

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