Five Years of Stephanie Shaul Events!


Today is a very, very exciting day because Stephanie Shaul Events officially celebrates FIVE years of business! Wow!! It’s pretty surreal that it’s been five whole years since I launched this little business… and to see just how far it has come. For the last five years, since January 2014, it’s been my biggest joy and honor to plan, design, and style weddings for dozens and dozens of the most incredible couples imaginable, to be surrounded by love and beauty on a daily basis, to literally work my dream job, to have the pleasure of creating alongside the most talented and kind professionals and friends in the wedding industry, to mentor and coach small business owners, to grow creatively, and to have clients turn into dear friends. I’m SO wildly thankful.

I cannot believe that this little dream of mine has become what it is today, and it really does feel so surreal sometimes. I feel like I’m able to use the talents and passions the Lord has blessed me with to serve others well, to spread as much love, joy, and beauty as possible, and to celebrate life and love! I’m so grateful to every single person who has been a part of this exciting journey (especially those since day one), those who’ve encouraged and supported me, and those who have entrusted me with their wedding days. It takes a village, and I’ve got the best one imaginable!

I started this business more of a creative outlet, never knowing that just 1.5 after launching, it would become my full-time job. I started with a very basic website, a logo I created in Microsoft Word, two friends who asked me to plan their weddings, and my “office” was my bed at my house in Washington DC. I was single, desperately craving more creative and fulfilling work, and pinched and saved my salary to be able to launch my business (and then take it full time as I moved to Raleigh!). I’ve run 100% of my business debt-free, something I am incredibly proud of – especially since for much of the life of my business, I was single and relying on simply myself to make it work. I definitely think that’s something to be proud of, and I’m so grateful for the ways this business has provided. I’ve shared pretty much all of my business journey throughout the years on this blog (and I’ve linked to many of those relevant blog posts below!), and it has been such a fulfilling, challenging, wonderful, growth-filled, and beautiful journey.

Did you see that I launched by brand new website yesterday?! Head over to to see the heart behind my business and a new face of Stephanie Shaul Events – I couldn’t be more proud of this website and the front porch of my business!

Endless thanks for following along and celebrating with me! I am so deeply, deeply grateful, and cheers to the next five years of Stephanie Shaul Events! To God be ALL the glory.



If you’d like to take a peek into my wedding planning and small business owning journey, here’s a quick round-up:

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A brand new website for Stephanie Shaul Eventsw, which debuted yesterday!


PS: Check back here on Monday for yet ANOTHER super exciting announcement and celebration!!


“We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Stephanie Shaul Events: A New Website!


It is with GREAT happiness and joy that I officially introduce to you the brand new Stephanie Shaul Events website!!! Stephanie Shaul Events now (finally!) lives at, and I couldn’t be prouder or more thrilled to share it with you today! My new website feels like an actual breath of fresh air, and it truly feels like my brand and my business’ front porch and home. Welcome, y’all, and come on in!

I’d absolutely love for you to join in the excitement and take a peek at the new SSE website, one that I’m insanely proud to share with the world. It feels so happy and welcoming, so representative of my brand, so “me” — and showcases the business that I’ve built, the weddings that I’ve planned and designed, and the joyful, meaningful, gorgeous wedding days that I’ve had the honor of being a part of!


Every beautiful image is updated, every ounce of text reflects my heart, my brand, and how far I’ve come, so many beloved weddings are featured on it, the layout and formatting is refreshed and updated, and it is hosted through a new site (Showit!). This website is a long time coming and has been in the works for longer than I care to admit (ha!), and every single time I look at my new website and pore over its content and pages, I beam giddily and squeal! (Seriously, ask Rob — I am ecstatic!) I couldn’t be prouder or more excited to share it with future clients, past clients, my family and friends, and all of you!



I cannot thank my dear friend Kyla Mary enough for her incredible help, expertise, design eye, attention to detail, encouragement, and web design knowledge and for essentially building this entire website for me. She has been an incredible blessing in making this dream happen, and she just gets me! Kyla, thank you for pouring your heart into this website and for bringing this vision to life so exquisitely and so perfectly. You are a true designer, a gem of a friend, a website aficionado, and such a treasure. I can’t thank you enough for creating and executing this beautiful new site! (If you’re in the market for a new website, please reach out to Kyla!)

Endless thanks to my amazing dad, as I couldn’t do this without him! He’s been my go-to tech and website guy since day one, and his wisdom is unending and unparalleled. Daddy, thank you for all of your endless help and expertise in bringing all of my websites to life and for loving and supporting me so well! You’re the greatest.


Thank YOU all (the amazing readers, family, friends, past + current + future clients, the incredible photographers and other vendors, and my wonderful husband!) for all of the ways that you inspire me — and support, encourage, and cheer me on. I am endlessly thankful, that’s for sure!

Have fun checking out all of the beautiful new pages, images, and content at!! I’ve shared a few sneak peeks here, but there is so much beauty to see on my new website. I’d love to hear what you think, so be sure to leave me a comment (and feel free to share)!

PS: Check back tomorrow for ANOTHER super exciting announcement and celebration!!