A Look Back: 2014 Goals


I’m enjoying a few quiet days at my parents’ home in North Carolina before heading back home to DC and back to work & to the demands ‘real world.’ This week, I’ve been intentional in taking the time to relax, organize, reflect, plan, and dream, especially as 2015 quickly approaches. I love this week between Christmas and New Year’s: not only am I able to be on vacation & spend time with loved ones, but I have ample time to get things back in order after the wonderful chaos of the holiday season + the end of 2014. For now, I will take a look back at 2014 and all that it held, as it was a truly wonderful year on so many levels.

For a complete list of my goals from 2014, click here – it’s so fun to see what I was able to accomplish and cross off my list! I’ll definitely be sharing many of my 2015 goals in the coming days, but I wanted to reflect on what worked – and what didn’t work so well – for me in 2014. All in all, it was a year of lots of fun changes and growth, especially immersing myself in the wedding industry more and more.

What didn’t work in 2014:

1. I did not find time to exercise/regularly schedule time to work out/commit to a routine

2. With all of the travel, I did not attend church as regularly as I would’ve liked

3. I need to continue finding a balance with incorporating wedding work into my already busy schedule

4. I often found myself in a rush/hurry or lacking patience

5. I didn’t connect personally with as many wedding professionals as I would have liked

6. I am still itching to attend Making Things Happen

7. While I did travel extensively, I did not travel abroad – something I am yearning to do again

8. I did not love others (family, friends, colleagues, strangers) as selflessly as I could have

9. I ate out too often/indulged in too many happy hours (the plight of young professionals in DC, I suppose…)

A marvelous reminder from Emily Ley

 What I accomplished in 2014:

1. I launched Stephanie Scholl Events, launched an Etsy Shopplanned weddingsassisted on a styled shoot, and continued blogging about 3-4 times a week!

2. I read the New Testament from start to finish

2. I learned calligraphy at a wonderful workshop

3. I was able to travel tons (I probably traveled 1/2 of the weekends of the year!)

5. I am grateful I hit my savings goal & didn’t spend on myself for two months

6. Gave generously at Christmas, a challenge I loved

7. I attempted to balance work, life, seeing friends, wedding work, etc

8. I was blessed to volunteer often, if not regularly

9. Read 71 books

10. I took some definite leaps of faith/putting my trust in the Lord

11. Connected with family and friends – near and far

12. Focused on gratitude and joy daily (focusing on living in the moment, daily devotional + Bible reading, gratitude journal, and more)

And there were plenty more great things & areas of growth/change about 2014, for sure – this is just a review of some definite highlights!


annapolisAll in all, 2014 was a really interesting year; a great one! I am so thankful for all of the loving and encouraging people in my life, the ways in which I stepped outside of my comfort zone, for the Lord who provides, the lessons I learned, the incredible memories made, the fun times had, the wedding and celebrations… and for a new year with even more dreams and goals!

Check back soon for my 2015 goals…

And if you’ve done a year in review post, or would like to share how your 2014 was, please do share!


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