2016 Goals

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Happy 2016, friends! I’m not quite sure where 2015 went, but the new year is definitely here! I adore the sense of possibility and newness that a new year brings. I hope you’re excited to kick off another year – I know I’m excited about what’s in store, and I can’t wait to see where God takes me (and you!) throughout the upcoming days, months, and year!

I have always loved making goals (daily, monthly, yearly, etc), though many of them are habits and practices I’ve tried to maintain throughout my life. I’ve been sharing my yearly and monthly goals for several years now on this blog! When I read back on my goals for 2015 and think about my goals for 2016, many of my goals carry across from one year to the next. At their core, so many of my goals are habits I try to tend to daily, and those don’t change much from year to year. A lot of the details (and my business goals) have certainly changed and evolved, but it’s fun to see how my overarching personal goals are rather similar to last year!

2016 Goals

  • More Jesus; less me
  • Love family & friends more intentionally (especially since so many live far away!)
  • Have a better work/life balance
  • Continue to expand Stephanie Scholl Events (oh I have big goals for this!!)
  • Continuously be learning, attend a workshop or conference, learn something new, invest in myself & my business
  • Travel someplace new & travel abroad (I hope!)
  • Write & send even more handwritten letters to connect with family & friends better
  • Cook at home more, try new healthy recipes, and host more dinner parties
  • Limit social media browsing
  • Foster genuine community in the area
  • Volunteer regularly – at church and in the community
  • Be a better steward of my money – spend less on myself, give more generously, and save more
  • Continue to grow in my faith: study/read my Bible + Jesus Calling daily; write in my gratitude journal + prayer journal daily; join a small group in Raleigh
  • Read 26 books (including more business books, faith books, non-fiction, and classics)
  • Be more intentional about scheduling time to exercise regularly, ride my bike, play tennis, run, and get outside frequently
  • Laugh more, find joy in everything, be deeply grateful, & love deeper
image by Blue Barn Photography

My verse for the year is:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 3:14

What about you? If you’ve written down your goals for the new year, I would love to check them out & cheer you on! What are you most excited about for 2016?


photo by Blue Barn Photography

This blog is such a fun record of life, and I was just re-reading my 2015 Goals post from a year ago. I can’t wait to talk about how 2015 went + look forward to 2016, but I was struck by the very end of this blog post. Each year, I like to choose a Bible verse and a word of the year, and this is what I wrote a year ago:

My word for the year is “open”

Open heart; open arms. Open to new adventures, new opportunities, change, growth, love, and serving others. Open to whatever it is that the Lord wants for my life. Open to serving Him faithfully, loving Him more, and loving others more. And ultimately, I have no idea what this year has in store for me (really, there is a lot up in the air!), and I want to be open to that!

Wow. Reading that is a little mind-blowing when I think back to how 2015 unfolded. It was unlike anything I expected, but it was also better than I ever imagined. God’s plans are always better than my own, and I’m just blown away when I really stop to think about just how much has changed — and how open to change I was. I was talking about this exact thing with a couple dear friends when I was home for Christmas, and it all really leaves me in awe. Throughout the entire year, I tried my best to really listen to the Lord, to keep Him first and foremost, and to be willing to go where He led. I wasn’t even close to perfect, by any means, but my how I tried! I had an inkling that I would move, but I wasn’t positive where – or what for. I trusted, kept my heart & arms open, and waited in expectation.

I would definitely say that 2015 was one of the biggest years of change in my (admittedly young!) life, and it’s hard to fathom just how much has changed since I wrote my 2015 Goals blog post one year ago. I continued wedding planning, decided to take my part-time business full-time + essentially worked two full-time jobs once that happened, traveled a ton and had a lot of amazing adventures, met the most incredible & encouraging people, spent lots of time with the best family & friends, finished out the school year at my full-time job, resigned and took Stephanie Scholl Events full-time in July, moved from my home in DC (for six years) to Raleigh, NC in August, planned & designed a million styled shoots, continued planning weddings for the best couples, met countless wedding industry friends, met the sweetest boy in a most unexpected way several months ago… goodness. It has been a full, full year. Not all of it has been good (of course!), and there were some incredibly hard moments, but for the whole, I am reminded time and time again how blessed and happy I am. You just never know what the Lord’s plans are + how much can change in a year, especially if you surrender to Him.

August 2015 Goals


Well. July was an incredible month FILLED with some huge announcements + changes! I don’t even know where to begin, but let’s just say I am thankful!! I wrapped up a two week vacation at the beginning of July, came back from vacation and resigned from my non-profit job, finished up my last days at that job I’ve been at for three years, took Stephanie Scholl Events full-time!announced my move to Raleigh, NCspent four days in Charlottesville doing a huge SSE wedding, found a new apartment & signed a lease, went kayaking and also went tubing with friends, and had an epic surprise going-away party thrown by my best friends! WHEW!!

I had known for a while that July would be a big month, and it certainly lived up to that. It’s hard to believe the month has come and gone now, and what an exciting, amazing, roller coaster of a month it has been! I’m currently in Charleston for a week for The School of Styling + a few days playing tourist with friends, and then I’ll head back to DC to finish packing up my house. I’m moving to Raleigh in just over a week & have a to-do list a mile long! I haven’t moved in six years, so it’s going to be quite the under-taking. I cannot wait to get the show on the road, and settle into a new chapter. (But… don’t get me started on how much I’m going to miss DC and my friends!!)

And on to my goals for August! I’ve decided to make both business and personal goals, and I’m excited to begin doing so…


1. Move to Raleigh, North Carolina!

2. Try not to cry too much when saying good bye to DC friends, and enjoy the last couple days in this incredible city I’ve called home for six years

3. Really and truly get back into a routine with exercise (tennis, running, and biking)

4. And cooking meals again

5. Find time to read at least four books – and get a new library card

6. Enjoy the process of decorating my new home without rushing into purchases or thinking it all has to be complete right away

7. Start looking for a new church home (any local recommendations?!)

8. Dig into the new Write the Word journal from the Lara Casey Shop

9. Start meeting new friends! I also want to join/start a supper club and a book club!


1. Assist at The School of Styling in Charleston and serve the attendees well

2. Pull off a fabulous wedding in Charlottesville later this month (I’m doing the full floral design, too!)

3. Officially make Stephanie Scholl Events an LLC

4. Connect, connect, connect!

5. Explore 17 Hats and decide if it’s the right fit for streamlining my business (any insight or recommendations, friends?)

6. Finish planning out a styled shoot for September & get rolling on a few new ones, too

7. Set up a functional, intentional, inspiring home office (finally! and with a desk!)

8. Set a schedule (and stick to it) for working from home/productivity/work-life balance

9. Bring 2016 brides on board with Stephanie Scholl Events!

10. Decide on client gifts and refine the SSE client experience

I think those are plenty of goals to begin with, and I’m looking forward to seeing what this month brings! I would love to cheer you on, too – link up to your goals, if you’d like!! And… what’s the one thing you’re most excited for in August?