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I’ve given many an engagement, bridal shower, and wedding gift in recent years, and I’ve compiled a list of my favorite gifts to give for a couple’s engagement. I’m a huge fan of personalized, meaningful, creative gifts for those near and dear, and I hope that is reflected! I simply love to give gifts that I’ve tried to put a little extra thought into, and here are some tried and true gift ideas. It’s so special to share in the excitement that comes with an engagement!

Southern Weddings Wedding Planner

Favorite Engagement Gift Ideas:

  • A beautiful, hand-written card wishing your congratulations, excitement, and joy for the couple on their engagement – and don’t forget to offer your help throughout the wedding planning process!
  • A bouquet of favorite flowers, tied with a ribbon
  • Champagne to celebrate with (bonus points: on the bottle, write the couple’s name, proposal location, and engagement date!)
  • A unique, delicate ring holder for her new bling
  • Your favorite wedding magazines (my go-to is always Southern Weddings)
  • A wedding planner to keep her organized – my new favorite is, again, from Southern Weddings


Paloma’s Nest ring bowl

What are the engagement gifts that you like to give the most? Former brides, what gifts were the most unique, meaningful, touching, or special for you? I’d love to hear your ideas, and I know others would love to hear, too!

PS: Then have your newly engaged friend contact me for wedding planning!

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