November 2015 Goals


Happy November, y’all! Where oh where has 2015 gone?! October was such a full and wonderful month, for the most part (minus some devastating family news), and it went by in the blink of an eye. I didn’t really have time to slow down (but we all know I thrive off of being busy!), and it was filled with so much progress, especially for Stephanie Scholl Events – and I’m so, so glad. I had a big wedding in Chapel Hill, traveled to Bald Head Island for a styled shoot, have received images back from a couple styled shoots (I.can’t.even!!!), hosted a baby shower, went to Ohio for several days to see family, and so much more. Whew!

My October goals are here, and while they were rather ambitious, I am proud to say that they are mostly complete! It was a busy, productive, and eventful month, especially for my business. I didn’t quite get to finishing four books (free time is harder to come by than I thought), and I’m postponing volunteering regularly (at a local elementary school!) til December, since I’m gone most of November. I feel especially accomplished because my business goals for October are all checked off, which might be a minor miracle!! I credit a lot of that productivity to having creative friends/accountability business groups who encourage me daily and really do hold me accountable. I’m pretty sure all of us had the most productive month! I was also asked to write an article for The School of Styling on tips for establishing yourself and your business in a new city, which was such an honor!

Now, November… goodness. My goals for the month are going to be simple, as it’s maybe the busiest month ever. I’m traveling something like 20 days this month – I have the Making Things Happen Conference, a wedding in Washington DC + visiting friends there, the Southern Weddings launch party, a Christmas styled shoot, several days in Charleston for the Creative at Heart Conference, a trip to Chicago, and then seven days in NYC with my family for Thanksgiving!! So, needless to say, the ten or so days I’m in town will be catching up and prepping for the next thing. I’m glad I’m organized and love having a full calendar + travels! I’m so grateful for all of this.


November Goals

  1. Go into both Making Things Happen and Creative at Heart with an open mind & open heart; ready to soak up and learn so much. Connect with others, refine my business, and set actionable goals for its direction and growth. And have fun!
  2. Enjoy a long weekend in DC with some of my best friends & spend much-needed time with them (and at a winery, hooray!).
  3. Continue connecting with new friends (in the wedding industry and outside of it) in the Triangle, including hosting Articles Club with Emily!
  4. Have a blast at the Southern Weddings V8 Launch Party – hooray!
  5. Pull off a fabulous, festive, and meaningful Christmas styled shoot with the wonderful Ally King Photography.
  6. Open a business bank account & continue working with my (newly hired!) bookkeeper + accountant.
  7. Travel to Chicago and be fully present with my family during a difficult time, and enjoy time together despite hard circumstances.
  8. Fully embrace and live out this month of thanksgiving and gratitude, and intentionally show others how I’m grateful for them.
  9. Begin working on Christmas cards!
  10. Have a blast in NYC for a week with my family! I love NYC at the holidays, and I can’t wait to spend time there for Thanksgiving with my sister, brother in law, and parents!
  11. “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

What about you, friends? What are you up to in November? I’d love to hear your goals and how I can encourage you with them!

October 2015 Goals


Happy, happy October, y’all!

I think most everyone loves the month of October, and I’m no exception, either! It’s such a fun and festive month, and there’s so much to look forward to! Where to begin with a recap of September… it was SUCH a good month!!!! It was my first full month living in Raleigh, and I feel so settled and just plain happy.  As I sit here thinking about the last month, a cheesy smile comes to my face, and I’m filled with so much gratitude and joy.

I kicked off the month with an incredibly fun vacation in NYC with my sister & brother in law, saw so many friends from college here in town, met tons of new people that I felt so instantly connected with, working hard on my business and several exciting opportunities (!!!), found a church I love, joined a book club, joined a few new groups, cooked and baked and ran and read lots, pulled off an incredible styled shoot, visiting with the Southern Weddings ladies, filled my calendar for the coming months, hosted people in my new home, met John and Sherry of Young House Love at their book signing… and I’m sure I’m leaving out plenty of fun. I miss seeing my friends in DC, but I have to say… I truly feel like I am where I’m meant to be right now. Thank you, Lord.


Personal Goals

  1. Cross things off my fall bucket list (does anyone have a favorite local apple picking spot?!)
  2. Host my parents for a weekend (so grateful for a guest room and living closer to them! And we’ll attempt the Bluegrass Festival, dependent on the rain.)
  3. Host a fabulous, special baby shower for one of my college roommates
  4. Have Rachel from Blue Barn Photography photograph my home next week, and have it published/featured
  5. Savor autumn by getting outside and enjoying the crisp air, cooking seasonal things (I’ve been baking up a storm!), going to farmer’s markets, and being active
  6. Read four books (in September, I read: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Nightingale, At the Water’s Edge, Bread & Wine, The Luckiest Girl Alive, and Lunch in Paris)
  7. Host a fall dinner party
  8. Join a small group and begin volunteering (just waiting on confirmation for these!)
  9. Continue to explore my new home in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill!
  10. “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” – Philippians 4:4

Business Goals

  1. Serve my bride & groom well at their Chapel Hill wedding this month – it’s going to be so good, y’all!
  2. This month, book at least three more brides for 2016
  3. Plan out + execute two styled shoots (one with Faith Teasley Photography + Robyn & Jordan Van Dyke and one with Ally King Photography!)
  4. Get my blackberry-heirloom themed styled shoot with Blue Barn Photography published (a quick recap!)
  5. Hire an accountant + bookkeeper – we have a meeting soon!
  6. Continue learning the ropes of 17 Hats and use it well to serve my business
  7. Continue connecting with other wedding professionals and creatives in the area (I can’t even begin to tell you how many incredible people I’ve met/spent time with the last month! It’s been so, so amazing and affirming!!)
  8. Finalize client gifts for my couples
  9. Become a preferred vendor at a couple more places/businesses (This is so exciting! I’m grateful the Carolina Inn reached out to me about this already and brought me on board!!)
  10. Work on LLC things for my business

I think those are plenty of goals to work on for now! I’m incredibly thankful to have a couple different groups of similarly-minded women/groups of friends to share goals, praises, questions, struggles, and business accountability with. We’re so much better working together, aren’t we? I feel so supported, encouraged, and blessed by the community around me.

What are your goals for October? I’d love to see what’s on your radar and how you’re setting yourself up to make what matters happen!