November Goals

novembergoalsa recap of my October Goals

 1. cross many items off of my Fall to-do list & thoroughly enjoy the season [Let’s see – I went apple & pumpkin picking again, went to Charlottesville & enjoyed the gorgeous fall leaves, hosted a fall dinner party, went to the Mount Vernon wine festival, hiked Great Falls, baked a recipe from Southern Living.. yep, I definitely crossed tons off of my to-do list!]
2. calligraphy envelopes for a dear bride’s wedding [Yes!! And loved it!]
3. take a weekend trip to Ohio to visit my four fabulous grandparents [Done! And went back again this past weekend!]
4. be content with where I am in life right now [Affirmative.]
5. finish reading the New Testament (!!) [YES!]
6. volunteer on the creative team for my church’s Holiday Show & Expo [Volunteering away! More here.]
7. buy flowers for a friend or family member, just because [Yes! Simple but so fun and rewarding. I love doing this!]
8. begin shopping for Christmas gifts [I’ve at least begun compiling lists & deciding how/where my money is spent. More to come on this!]
9. spray paint something [Done! I’ll have to share pictures soon – I had a ton of fun with my gold and navy spray paint this month!]
November goals
1. Start doing calligraphy for my Christmas cards (I make them each year!)
2. Thoroughly enjoy the Holiday Show & Expo & serve selflessly as much as possible with it.
3. Begin planning several more ways to volunteer in the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.
4. Bake treats for friends and neighbors as an act of gratitude.
5. Host our first Article Club get-together.
6. Budget for Christmas/giving back during the holidays.
7. Find one evening this month to fully rest – candles lit, a good book, and a glass of wine.
8. Have a blast with friends and family in North Carolina for Thanksgiving – and be truly grateful!
Did you make monthly goals? If so, I would love to hear what yours are, and please share!

5 thoughts on “November Goals

  1. Ooh, I’m excited you’re doing an Articles Club! I’ve been interested in the idea ever since I heard Joanna Goddard talking about it!

    1. Yes!! We have our Articles Club tomorrow, and I wrote a post all about it. Joanna definitely inspired ours, and we’re even reading some articles she suggested (at least this time!).

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