October Goals

a recap of my September Goals

1. Send at least one handwritten card/note each week this month. (Done x4! I adore the art of sending snail mail, and it’s a habit I’ve enjoyed getting into over the last few years.)
2. Plan, coordinate, AND enjoy Leslie’s sure-to-be beautiful and meaningful wedding! (Yes! And it was INCREDIBLE. More on this soon!!)
3. Send out my annual “Fall in DC” to do list, and begin having some autumn fun. (For sure. Lots more fun to come, too!)
4. Volunteer. (Yes! I’m volunteering with my church’s Holiday Show & Expo, which I’ll definitely be sharing more about soon – hooray!)
5. Expand my Etsy shop & continue practicing calligraphy. (Umm whoops. Where oh where did September go?!)
6. Enjoy a trip to Wrightsville Beach with friends. (Done! We had the best time sending out summer together.)
7. Be intentional about my time & balancing it well. (Pretty good – there is only so much time to get everything I want to do done.. but I feel like I managed my month (balancing so many different things) quite well)
 It’s hard to believe it’s October, one of my very favorite months of the year! September was a really good month with lots going on, including travel/vacations nearly every weekend. It was filled with lots of work, one incredible wedding, 5000+ miles on the road, lots of successes, time with dear friends, the start of Fall and all things apple & pumpkin, a brief reunion with my family, and plenty more goodness. October always feels like the start of the holiday season with so much coming up and so much to look forward to… the next three months may inevitably end up being a blur! But I definitely plan to stop as often as possible to savor all of the little (and big) moments of my life, including the changing leaves, the cooler weather, the family and friend I get to visit, the creative projects I’m working on, and everything in between.
October Goals
1. cross many items off of my Fall to-do list & thoroughly enjoy the season
2. calligraphy envelopes for a dear bride’s wedding
3. take a weekend trip to Ohio to visit my four fabulous grandparents
4. be content with where I am in life right now
5. finish reading the New Testament (!!)
6. volunteer on the creative team for my church’s Holiday Show & Expo
7. buy flowers for a friend or family member, just because
8. begin shopping for Christmas gifts
9. spray paint something
Did you make monthly goals? If so, I would love to hear what yours are, so feel free to share!

2 thoughts on “October Goals

  1. The holiday show sounds so fun! Also, I have to say, considering how many books you read a year, you must be doing a pretty good job of balancing your time well!! 🙂

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