October 2015 Goals


Happy, happy October, y’all!

I think most everyone loves the month of October, and I’m no exception, either! It’s such a fun and festive month, and there’s so much to look forward to! Where to begin with a recap of September… it was SUCH a good month!!!! It was my first full month living in Raleigh, and I feel so settled and just plain happy.  As I sit here thinking about the last month, a cheesy smile comes to my face, and I’m filled with so much gratitude and joy.

I kicked off the month with an incredibly fun vacation in NYC with my sister & brother in law, saw so many friends from college here in town, met tons of new people that I felt so instantly connected with, working hard on my business and several exciting opportunities (!!!), found a church I love, joined a book club, joined a few new groups, cooked and baked and ran and read lots, pulled off an incredible styled shoot, visiting with the Southern Weddings ladies, filled my calendar for the coming months, hosted people in my new home, met John and Sherry of Young House Love at their book signing… and I’m sure I’m leaving out plenty of fun. I miss seeing my friends in DC, but I have to say… I truly feel like I am where I’m meant to be right now. Thank you, Lord.


Personal Goals

  1. Cross things off my fall bucket list (does anyone have a favorite local apple picking spot?!)
  2. Host my parents for a weekend (so grateful for a guest room and living closer to them! And we’ll attempt the Bluegrass Festival, dependent on the rain.)
  3. Host a fabulous, special baby shower for one of my college roommates
  4. Have Rachel from Blue Barn Photography photograph my home next week, and have it published/featured
  5. Savor autumn by getting outside and enjoying the crisp air, cooking seasonal things (I’ve been baking up a storm!), going to farmer’s markets, and being active
  6. Read four books (in September, I read: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Nightingale, At the Water’s Edge, Bread & Wine, The Luckiest Girl Alive, and Lunch in Paris)
  7. Host a fall dinner party
  8. Join a small group and begin volunteering (just waiting on confirmation for these!)
  9. Continue to explore my new home in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill!
  10. “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” – Philippians 4:4

Business Goals

  1. Serve my bride & groom well at their Chapel Hill wedding this month – it’s going to be so good, y’all!
  2. This month, book at least three more brides for 2016
  3. Plan out + execute two styled shoots (one with Faith Teasley Photography + Robyn & Jordan Van Dyke and one with Ally King Photography!)
  4. Get my blackberry-heirloom themed styled shoot with Blue Barn Photography published (a quick recap!)
  5. Hire an accountant + bookkeeper – we have a meeting soon!
  6. Continue learning the ropes of 17 Hats and use it well to serve my business
  7. Continue connecting with other wedding professionals and creatives in the area (I can’t even begin to tell you how many incredible people I’ve met/spent time with the last month! It’s been so, so amazing and affirming!!)
  8. Finalize client gifts for my couples
  9. Become a preferred vendor at a couple more places/businesses (This is so exciting! I’m grateful the Carolina Inn reached out to me about this already and brought me on board!!)
  10. Work on LLC things for my business

I think those are plenty of goals to work on for now! I’m incredibly thankful to have a couple different groups of similarly-minded women/groups of friends to share goals, praises, questions, struggles, and business accountability with. We’re so much better working together, aren’t we? I feel so supported, encouraged, and blessed by the community around me.

What are your goals for October? I’d love to see what’s on your radar and how you’re setting yourself up to make what matters happen!

5 thoughts on “October 2015 Goals

  1. You continue to inspire me! As for apple picking, I have found opportunities are sorely lacking in the Triangle, but John and I went to Millstone Creek Orchards in Ramseur a few years ago and it was decent. SO glad you have found a church. I was thinking about going to the John and Sherry signing but didn’t end up making it – glad you did! Finally, book club. I am intrigued. Do you like it? I would be interested in hearing more! 🙂

    1. You are too kind; thank you! I may be loving the Triangle, but it’s sorely missing two things: apple picking and wineries!! Ha. And the book signing was so cool; John and Sherry are even more hilarious and gracious in person, plus Sherry complimented my necklace 🙂 Hooray for reading!

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