Dusty Blue and Soft Green Wedding Inspiration

blue and green wedding

1 SSE & Kelsey Nelson | 2 SSE & Adelyn Boling | 3 SSE & Anagram Photo | 4 SSE & Ally and Bobby | 5 SSE & Adelyn Boling  | 6 SSE & Ally and Bobby | 7 SSE & Adelyn Boling | 8 SSE & Adelyn Boling | 9 SSE & Adelyn Boling | 10 SSE & Ally and Bobby | 11 SSE & Anagram Photo | 12 SSE & Adelyn Boling | 13 SSE & Adelyn Boling | 14 SSE & Adelyn Boling | 15 SSE & Adelyn Boling | 16 SSE & Anagram Photo

Dusty French blue is the signature color of Stephanie Shaul Events, and I have such a deep love for this beautiful and versatile colorway! So many SSE weddings over the past six years have had dusty French blue featured or incorporated into the wedding design, and I while I adore ensuring that each and every wedding I plan and design is unique, meaningful, and personalized to the couple whose wedding I’m planning, it is a color that is widely loved and used by my brides and grooms. This winter, I’ve been crushing on a softer green color to perfectly pair with dusty blue, and I think this natural combination, especially when partnered with white and natural accents, is a new favorite of mine! It’s versatile, charming, timeless yet fresh, and it’s perfect for the months ahead. It’s reminiscent of springtime while still being relevant year round, and this dusty blue and soft green pairing is one I plan on incorporating into many wedding designs and details!

All of these beautiful weddings shared here for dusty blue and soft inspiration are weddings that Stephanie Shaul Events has planned and designed over the last few years, from classically elegant Charlottesville fetes overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains to garden party soiree weddings at historic homes (like the Merrimon Wynne House in Raleigh) and everything in between. This soft yet inspiring pairing is so striking and marvelous, and I foresee many wedding designs evolving to include these perfectly pastel hues! As both a wedding planner AND wedding designer, I adore that I am able to create perfectly cohesive weddings that marry both exceptional and seamless logistics, intentional planning, and magical, heartfelt, stunning, and bespoke design into one truly unforgettable and celebratory wedding day. There are countless details and decisions that go into every wedding, and the logistics and design go hand in hand in every way. There’s a definite art to planning and designing weddings that represent the couple and their unique love story and what’s most important to them, and I spend nearly countless hours creating an unparalleled wedding day experience from start to finish for them and for their beloved wedding guests. Magic is in the details, friends!

You can view full wedding day blog posts (so many of them are shared here, as well as on the portfolio page of my website), and even more wedding inspiration is over on Pinterest!

What color are you crushing on these days?! What palette did you use at your own wedding, or what do you think you’ll want to use for your wedding? Thankfully, the possibilities and depth of design are pretty endless!

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