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Over the last couple months, Rob and I have instituted a Friday date night tradition, and it’s been such a bright spot in our weeks, especially during the winter! We spend basically all day, every day together, but it feels extra special to have a date night at home planned every week. We drink our morning coffee together, as well as eat lunch and dinner together every single day, and this much quality time together really is such a blessing when we don’t do too much at all outside of the house or with others. We also realize most other couples may not have this much uninterrupted, quality time together (we both work from home full time, we both run our own businesses, and we don’t have any children), and Rob and I are very fortunate that we can enjoy this season of life together in such a way. Designating an extra special standing date night has been a really sweet tradition that gives us something special to look forward to during the week. I’ve found that having something – anything! – to look forward to has been a really big part of finding joy in the everyday and add a bit of magic to an otherwise ordinary thing. 

At the end of the work week, it’s easy to opt for a lazy evening curled up on the couch together, but since we do this many other nights, we wanted to set Fridays apart. Rob and I plot all week about where we want to order takeout and have a lot of fun bouncing restaurants and cravings off each other. We love that we can support local restaurants that we love, still feel very safe by picking up food or doing takeout, and also enjoy a delicious meal that we don’t have to cook. We also make a fun cocktail to pair with our meal to make the evening even more celebratory. As you know by now, I love elevating the everyday and infusing a touch of magic where I can, so I adore getting to set the dinner table each week. It allows me to be a little creative, use all of the linens and table settings that would otherwise go untouched since we’re not hosting, and continues the theme of doing something a little fancier for our date night. We light candles, turn on a playlist, and enjoy dinner at the table (which, if I’m being honest, is rarely where we ever eat meals most days: the couch is where it’s at for us!). Rob and I also dress up for our date night! Since we wear more casual clothes most days (and workout clothes often, too), I love donning a dress and lipstick on Fridays. It’s a great excuse to wear the many pretty dresses that would otherwise not get worn very often! We usually play a chess match or two during our date night (we’re dorks, and I love it!), talk about our marriage, dream of the future, and just enjoy some really sweet hours together that feel a bit more special than usual.

Of course, I have collected linens, vintage glassware, and beautiful place setting items throughout most of my life, and I’ll take any excuse to pull them out and use them! I firmly believe you should not save your wedding china or fancy flatware for when the queen visits, and I would much prefer that these beloved items are used – and used often. So much of my table setting collection is very cohesive and versatile, which makes mixing and matching that much easier and so fun. There’s just something about perfectly layering and mixing patterns, colors, and textures, and this date night, in particular, showcases that so well. I love when so much of what I own and love is interchangeable, as it gives you the freedom to play around with creative table settings to your heart’s content. 

This winter, I’ve been crushing on a softer green color to perfectly pair with blue, and I think this natural combination, especially when partnered with white and natural accents and textures, is a new favorite of mine! It’s versatile, charming, timeless yet fresh, and it’s perfect for the months ahead. It’s reminiscent of springtime while still being relevant year round, and this blue and green pairing is one I plan on incorporating into many dinner tables to come! My sister gifted me these peacock plates maybe 7-8 years ago, as I have always loved peacocks and the peacock color palette, and they’ve made an appearance at the table countless times over the year. They naturally paired perfectly with the blue and white seersucker linen napkins and the green block print placemats, for sure. I love this versatile and striking bamboo flatware (it’s such a steal, too!) and these bold blue beaded water glasses, which I first saw at a restaurant in the Outer Banks a couple years ago and have wanted ever since! Balancing out all of the bold blues and greens with plenty of white space and natural accents makes this place setting memorable yet serene enough.

tablecloth (old from Target) / green placemats / bamboo flatware / white plates / peacock plates (old from Anthropologie) / seersucker napkins (old/gift from Cottage Luxe) / wine glasses / blue beaded water glasses / blue candles

I’d love to hear: what’s a favorite way you elevate the everyday in your own life?! Do you have a favorite date night tradition?

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