2016 Goals

image by Blue Barn Photography

Happy 2016, friends! I’m not quite sure where 2015 went, but the new year is definitely here! I adore the sense of possibility and newness that a new year brings. I hope you’re excited to kick off another year – I know I’m excited about what’s in store, and I can’t wait to see where God takes me (and you!) throughout the upcoming days, months, and year!

I have always loved making goals (daily, monthly, yearly, etc), though many of them are habits and practices I’ve tried to maintain throughout my life. I’ve been sharing my yearly and monthly goals for several years now on this blog! When I read back on my goals for 2015 and think about my goals for 2016, many of my goals carry across from one year to the next. At their core, so many of my goals are habits I try to tend to daily, and those don’t change much from year to year. A lot of the details (and my business goals) have certainly changed and evolved, but it’s fun to see how my overarching personal goals are rather similar to last year!

2016 Goals

  • More Jesus; less me
  • Love family & friends more intentionally (especially since so many live far away!)
  • Have a better work/life balance
  • Continue to expand Stephanie Scholl Events (oh I have big goals for this!!)
  • Continuously be learning, attend a workshop or conference, learn something new, invest in myself & my business
  • Travel someplace new & travel abroad (I hope!)
  • Write & send even more handwritten letters to connect with family & friends better
  • Cook at home more, try new healthy recipes, and host more dinner parties
  • Limit social media browsing
  • Foster genuine community in the area
  • Volunteer regularly – at church and in the community
  • Be a better steward of my money – spend less on myself, give more generously, and save more
  • Continue to grow in my faith: study/read my Bible + Jesus Calling daily; write in my gratitude journal + prayer journal daily; join a small group in Raleigh
  • Read 26 books (including more business books, faith books, non-fiction, and classics)
  • Be more intentional about scheduling time to exercise regularly, ride my bike, play tennis, run, and get outside frequently
  • Laugh more, find joy in everything, be deeply grateful, & love deeper
image by Blue Barn Photography

My verse for the year is:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 3:14

What about you? If you’ve written down your goals for the new year, I would love to check them out & cheer you on! What are you most excited about for 2016?

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