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I’m pretty excited that it’s Friday… and I’m thinking it’s going to be a pretty fun, Fall-filled weekend! I’m going to the Mount Vernon Fall Wine & Sunset Tour tonight, which is an event I’ve been wanting to go to for years. And the rest of my weekend is filled to the brim with a hike at Great Falls National Park, our annual chili and cornbread dinner party, a friend’s birthday celebration, church, and hanging out with friends. I also hope there are a few free minutes to sit on the couch, watch some football, and light my pumpkin candles. I just love Fall!


Eeks! The cover of the beautiful, meaningful Cottage Hill Magazine was revealed this week, and pre-orders for the Homecoming Issue are now open! I cannot wait to get my hands on this sure-t0-be gorgeous magazine and its first issue. I adore the mission statement of Cottage Hill – “Where rain boots and ball gowns are perfectly appropriate. Here, we value family, unconditional love and all of those old-fashioned traditions that honor the sacred wedding vows. We celebrate beautiful weddings, inspire forever marriages and whole-heartedly believe in the promises of living a meaningful life – “I do” is only the beginning.” You should definitely pre-order a copy of this magazine – I’m so glad I did!



I pulled out my Fall decorations and spruced up the mantle! Christmas decorations are, of course, my very favorite, but I love that the next three months are filled with an abundance of holiday decor. I still need to go to a pumpkin patch to get a pumpkin or two (I’m thinking a white one or a fairytale/Cinderella pumpkin), but I love that it’s time to display my autumn decor. There is a good amount of hosting in my near future – hooray! And I still love my navy wall.



True Food Kitchen opened the other day, and my friends and I went to check out the restaurant launch. True Food Kitchen is “honest food that tastes really good” – and now I agree! I’m not the biggest organic eater, nor am I vegetarian or anything like that, but I was excited for the grand opening of True Food Kitchen. It really is honest, fresh, real food that does taste really great. I loved the decor and ambiance, and the open kitchen was fun to peek into, too. All of the food and the stellar drinks were incredibly fresh and nothing was processed about it. I definitely enjoyed my meal, and I know everyone else did, too. Any how can you not love a meal that ends with flourless chocolate cake?!


Mother Teresa

That Mother Teresa is one wise woman, isn’t she?!

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5 thoughts on “Five on Friday | 7

  1. cottage hill looks to die for and solid work on your mantle. i get sad every holiday that we don’t have one. we live in idaho…we could totally have a fireplace…lame. anyway…found you via 5 on friday and wanted to make sure you had a chance to linkup for oh hey, friday! if you wanted! we’d love to have you!

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