Cherry Blossom Picnic in DC

I simply adore Springtime in DC. It’s my fifth Spring in the city, and it just gets better and better every year! I was so eager for the Cherry Blossoms to bloom this year, as there is a pretty small window (three weeks or so) for the blooms to be out, and I knew I was traveling every weekend during peak cherry blossom season. But, as my friends and I discovered years ago, the very best time to head down to the cherry blossoms is on a weeknight. I have gone on weekend during peak season before, and it’s so congested and packed with tourists that you can barely enjoy seeing and savoring the blooms and the views. So I much prefer to go after work (or really early in the morning for sunrise!), where there seems to be much more of a local DC crowd, and it’s not too busy, either. Plus, it’s the perfect time to experience ‘golden hour’ and a stunning sunset over the Tidal Basin! I heartily recommend bringing a blanket, picnic food, and a good camera for your visit – all three are pretty crucial to a perfect Cherry Blossom experience, in my opinion!

Allison, Kathryn, Lindsey, and I met up after work for our evening – we had it planned a month in advance to be sure we were all free! Kathryn also had just gotten engaged, so it was the perfect excuse to pop some bubbly and toast to her engagement. We enjoyed a picnic feast on our blankets in a huge field of flowering, blooming, pink and white cherry blossoms, and it’s such a magical locale. There is plenty of grass to sprawl out on for a picnic, and I also love to people watch and see the light shifting colors as the sun begins to set.


Then it’s time to head immediately to the Tidal Basin by the Jefferson Memorial (between the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument). There are hundreds upon hundreds of stunning cherry blossom trees lining the entire rim of the Tidal Basin, and the sight really takes your breath away. There is definitely a reason why hundreds of thousands of people flock from all over the world to witness the cherry blossoms each and every year! It’s a wonderful reminder of how thankful I am to live in this city and to experience the things I get to.

Grab your camera, as everyone else is, and take countless photos of the blooms, the trees, the views, the sunset, and the gorgeous memorials and monuments surrounding the area! You should, of course, also be sure just to put your camera away and soak up the moments, as it’s a really magnificent sight – and it only happens once a year for such a short window of time. I love watching golden hour and then the lowering sunset over the Tidal Basin.

So, tell me – have you ever been to Washington DC for the cherry blossoms or the Cherry Blossom Festival? If you haven’t you should definitely put it on your travel bucket list!

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