Book Sale Buys

Each year, there is a fabulous used book sale hosted by the AAUW in Falls Church, Virginia. Serendipitously, I was playing tennis is Falls Church just last week near the town’s community center, and I happened to see the banner announcing the annual, two-day book sale coming up that weekend. I am so glad I saw that sign, otherwise I would have totally missed my favorite book sale of the year! There is a gymnasium sized room in the basement of the Falls Church Community Center that holds thousands and thousands of gently used books, and, as you can imagine, I blissfully browsed up and down the aisles picking up new (to me) books to purchase. All paperbacks sell for $2 and hardbacks are merely $3 – such an excellent deal! I snagged eight books, all of which I cannot wait to read (or re-read, in the case of East of Eden and The Paris Wife). And for my eight new books, I paid only $16 – the average cost of one new book! Indeed, it was a wonderful afternoon spent browsing books and picking out a few to add to my ever-growing collection.

Tell me: do you frequent used book sales? Or do you prefer buying new books only? I’m a big fan of buying used books… or borrowing books from the library! But I definitely do love a brand new book, too.

3 thoughts on “Book Sale Buys

  1. Love used books! I especially like to reread a great oldie and then do crafts with the pages. I don’t feel as badly about turning those books into crafts because I know they’ve had a good long life.

  2. I second the comment above! I think I like used books better than new. Makes me feel like I’m sharing the story with someone else somehow. 🙂

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