Five on Friday | 6


Do yourself a favor, and check out these absolutely incredible aerial views of cities and countrysides all around the world! I first saw this last week on Bridgette’s blog, and we spent several minutes exclaiming over these fascinating, surreal (but so real!), & awe-inspiring aerial shots of cities (like NYC, Dubai, Moscow, Venice, and Bern) and of landscapes (like the tulip fields of  the Netherlands, the Giza pyramids, and China’s terrace rice fields. What an amazing, diverse world we live in!


Over Spring Break, I decided (pretty spontaneously) to cut my hair.. and by ‘cut,’ I mean donate 10 inches! Apparently I’m a binge hair-cutter, according to one of my friends, as I often grow it out really long and then cut it pretty short. And really, it’s for such a great cause, and someone may need it much more than I do! I donated 10 inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths (which I’ve done before!), and I think I have a perfect length for summertime now. I hadn’t really realized just how long my hair had gotten, and it was time for a substantial haircut. Plus, it only takes me nine minutes to blowdry instead of twenty! Have you ever donated your hair?!


Tomorrow kicks off Wedding Season 2014 for me, and I truly couldn’t be more excited! Not only is Kellyn one of my dearest friends, but it’s my first official Stephanie Scholl Events! She is primarily using her church’s required day-of coordinator, so it’ll be wonderful to do a couple florist-related tasks and then fully enjoy her sure-to-be stunning wedding! I cannot wait to celebrate Kellyn & Jeff with so many friends in Richmond, Virginia this weekend – what a perfect pair these two are!


It’s also a fun weekend since Allie is coming to town for the weekend! We have reservations at Farmers Fishers Bakers in Georgetown (yum!), we’ll enjoy the Spring weather in DC & spend tons of time catching up, she’ll run her second Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon, and then we’ll celebrate afterwards! I love that she’s visited us so frequently since moving away from DC, as Allie was my very first friend when I moved here almost five years ago.  I also have tickets to the Nats baseball game Sunday afternoon – my first baseball game of the season!


Not only is the calligraphy just beautiful for this verse, but it’s such a great reminder! I have long loved this verse, and it’s both a comforting reminder and an inspiration to me. The Lord’s grace is sufficient – amen to that!

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