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It’s time to talk about hair accessories… and I just love ribbons and I love hairbows! It’s definitely a blast from the past, but I’m wholeheartedly attempting to bring hairbows back in style. I’ve always loved tying ribbons and bows in my hair, especially with a ponytail, but I was forced to take a decade-long hiatus due to fashion/style trends. But now.. I’m bringing hairbows back, and there are definitely others out there with me! I always, always tied a ribbon in my hair during tennis matches growing up, and it’s such a simple, preppy, and happy way to add color and pizzazz to a simple ponytail.

Bows have to be in moderation, so this (unfortunately) doesn’t mean you can wear a fabulous bow or ribbon every day, especially in the professional world. But every now and then, it’s so fun and unexpected to throw in a little bow-action. I so wish my mom had kept the huge plastic bin full of hairbows from my childhood, because I’m ready to resurrect them now! Instead, I found a bright red $3 bow at Michaels and added a hairclip to it for a festive Christmas accessory. Love!

What are your thoughts on the hairbow? Check out my hairbow Pinterest board for inspiration!

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