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Happy Friday, y’all! Beginning at 3pm today, my three day weekend commences! Even though it’s only the second work week of 2014, I’m already in need of a little respite. It’s been a busy couple weeks, and I can’t wait for an extra day off. On the calendar: dinner in Georgetown, a day trip to a winery, brunch in the city, museums/playing tourist in DC, visiting my friend & her new baby, church… and other fun things like lots of painting and crafting & wedding planning/designing!



Last night, some girlfriends and I went to one of my favorite restaurants, Cava, for dinner – and a baby announcement celebration! It was the perfect time to celebrate my dear friend Brooke’s marvelous pregnancy news, and I’m so glad we were all able to get together. Cava has long been one of my favorite places to eat (Greek tapas – yum!), and it was so fun to laugh so much with these ladies!



I’m sure most people have seen the New York Times’ article on 52 Places to Go in 2014 – and I love perusing this article each year! One of my 2014 goals is to travel somewhere new, and I’m determined to make that happen this year. Traveling has long been a passion of mine, and the best time of my life was when I studied abroad in Greece & traveled to Italy right after. On this list, I’ve been to five (only!) of the locations listed: Nashville, the Vatican, Athens, Atlanta, and St. Petersburg FL. My top five picks from this list to travel to next would be: Cape Town, Galapagos (Ecuador), Seychelles, Arctic Circle (Northern Lights), and Belize. Who wants to make these happen with me?!



This song. It’s been on constant repeat, and it is incredible. It gives me chills every time, and the lyrics are perfection, too. Please do yourself a favor & listen in [Hillsong United’s Oceans]!


I’m thinking this garden soiree is looking pretty perfect right about now! With all of the cold & dreariness of winter (especially now that the holidays are over), I’m craving some warmth and sunshine. This elegant affair is just stunning, and I’d absolutely love to be chatting with my best friends under the dripping Spanish moss. What a magical setting, indeed! This “Southern Charm” editorial is from the fabulous & talented ladies of Southern Weddings, seen in their most recent magazine issue. It’s hard to beat a stunning table filled with blush pink flowers, a gold polka dot tablecloth, tea, and biscuits, too. Swoon-worthy!

garden party


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6 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Just stopping by from 5 on Friday. We are big travelers here, and I would love to get to all 52 spots on that list. I’ve been to a fair number of them, we lived in the UK for 6 years, so much easier to see Europe from there : ) My daughter works in DC and has a cute blog. I think she linked here today too- She is an event planner, loves all things Southern too : ) Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by – I appreciate it! I would love to someday get to all 52 places on the list… I’m not sure if it’ll happen but I would love to try! And thank you for passing along your daughter’s blog, too! It’s fun to find someone who lives in DC, too, and is interested in similar things! Have a wonderful day-

  2. Girl…yes! That Oceans song is a fave of mine. I blare it through my speakers (and my lungs) whenever I’m driving along and it comes on the radio!!! Also…Georgetown cupcakes are my JAM!!! BLESS! 🙂 Happy weekend, babe! xx

    1. I adore the Oceans song! I can’t believe I never really heard it til recently, so I’m making up for lost time now!! Hope you’ve been having a wonderful weekend!

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