Life in DC: Sports

I’ve always been a huge sports fan, so it’s fun to live in a city with a lot of professional sports teams, even if they’re not all that good. Many of the stadiums/ball parks/arenas are right on the metro, so it’s convenient and easy to get to and from baseball, hockey, and basketball games. I have yet to make it to a Redskins football game, but word on the street is that I will this Fall through work! I’ll have to report back…

NBA: Washington Wizards

I’ve only been to one Wizards game since I’ve lived in DC, but it was pretty fun. I hadn’t been to an NBA game in probably a dozen or more years, and to be honest, the real reason a bunch of us went to this game was for… Tyler Hansbrough!!! Yep, my soulmate/the college basketball National Player of the Year. I adore him, and I have a lot of fabulous UNC friends in DC. When we realized Tyler (of the Indiana Pacers) was playing in DC, we couldn’t pass up the chance to see him again in person.. or the $3.75 tickets! They’re that cheap (the Wizards are not very good..). We all wore our UNC basketball tshirts and cheered very loudly for Tyler throughout the game!

MLB: Washington Nationals (Nats)

I love going to Nats games, and have been to several throughout the four years I’ve lived in DC. In fact, I’m going to another game this weekend! The tickets are really inexpensive (usually $5-$12), and I just love the atmosphere of baseball games. The Nats Stadium is right off of the metro on the green line (Navy Yard stop), so it’s easy to get to. It’s such a nice, new stadium with a great view of the waterfront, and you can see the Capitol and the Washington Monument. There are such good food options at the stadium, too… from Ben’s Chili Bowl (a classic DC institution) to Shake Shack to a beer garden. And one of the best parts is when the presidential mascots race around the stadium between innings!

NHL: Washington Capitals (Caps)



I finally had a chance to go to a Caps game – I’ve always thought hockey was such a fun sport and I got free tickets through work. The Caps and Wizards play in the same arena (the Verizon Center in Chinatown), and there are so many great happy hours/restaurants in Chinatown to go to before games. We had so much fun watching the Caps win, as this game got them into the playoffs.

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