Embassy Tours

Another awesome perk of living in DC is the abundance of history & culture in such a compact area. Embassies from around the globe are stationed just blocks away from each other, and it’s pretty cool to stop and think about all of the power, culture, and activity that is constantly surrounding you.

In the Spring, there are a couple weekends where the embassies are open to the public & host some sort of tour through their embassy. Sign me up! I’d been out of town every other year, so this is the first year I was able to indulge in the much-anticipated Around the World Embassy Tour: Passport DC. In fact, we all loved it so much that we went back to tour more embassies the following weekend!

I can’t even remember all of the embassies we made it to, but some of them are:

Korea, Venezuela, Sweden, Belgium, Barbados, Botswana, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Finland… and so many more! They started to blend together, I think.

at the Venzuelan residence

It was such a unique experience stepping into a whole other culture and country when crossing the threshold of each embassy, and it’s such a rare treat to visit the insides and ground of an embassy. We got to see private residences, see the office of an Ambassador, see the gardens, and much more.

One of my favorite parts is trying so many fun & delicious delicacies from that host country! We had so many good samples of food and drinks (chocolates, pesto, crackers, cookies, juices, rum, waffles, and more!)… though I did turn down a worm in one country.

our names in Korean

The lines can get a bit long, and you have to wait in a line at each country. We tended to try to get to some of the countries with shorter lines, as we wanted to see as many embassies as possible. I’d recommend going early and planning to stay for the whole afternoon so that you can maximize the amount of embassies- and free goodies!

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