Best NC Wedding Photographers

Since I’ve been asked dozens of times for recommendations and suggestions of wedding photographers, I thought it would be fun to compile a concise list of my very favorite photographers and videographers! I’ll start off listing North Carolina-based wedding photographers (BTW – all love to travel!), since these are the ones I know and follow the most:

Best North Carolina wedding photographers:

Robyn Van Dyke Photography

Nancy Ray Photography

Chelsea Morgan Photography

The Schultzes

Millie Holloman Photography

I have been following (stalking, perhaps?) every one of these photographers for years and years, and I truly admire their work so very much. I’d highly recommend any of these to my friends and family (in fact, I often do!). Please, do yourself a favor and check out their websites (click on their names above) to be inspired & to see truly beautiful, love-filled wedding photos! Their blogs give a more personal glimpse into all of the weddings, events, and personal lives of each photographer – I’m a fan!

My all-time very favorite wedding videographer team:

Inkspot Crow Films

They’re the only videographers I recommended for Bridgette and Rob’s wedding, and I cannot recommend them enough. I’ve followed their work for years, and I knew Bridgette and Rob just had to have Philip & Mackenzie for their wedding. We just got the video for Bridgette and Rob’s wedding, and it is truly magnificent. It’s stunning, artistic, radiates joy, and the best investment imaginable. Utter perfection! Truth: whenever I need inspiration or a pick-me-up, I watch random couples’ wedding videos from Inkspot Crow.

Once again, from Bridgette & Rob’s wedding – I am obsessed with this shot by Robyn Van Dyke!

Tell me: who is your favorite wedding photographer? Who did I leave off of my list?

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