May 2016 Goals

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photo by AJ Dunlap, florals by Serendipity Designs, styling by Stephanie Scholl Events

Hi, friends!! I’m attempting to get back on board with posting my monthly goals on here, and I’m excited to do so! I probably say this every month, but I’m not quite sure how it’s already May… this year is positively flying by! Springtime is my favorite, and these past few weeks have been absolutely wonderful in so many ways.

April was busy (isn’t every month somehow a busy one, though?) in the best way possible. Spring in North Carolina is the best, and the flowers, trees, and city has come alive lately. I could talk for days about how much I adore Springtime, but suffice it to say it makes me super happy. I even feel so much more energized and excited about my work… which is great, since wedding season is officially upon us! I’ve had eleven editorial + styled shoots in a three month window of time, which is a little ridiculous but a whole lot of fun. I could talk for a very long time about how much I love doing all of these shoots and how endlessly beneficial and wonderful they are. And I’m thrilled to have so many sure-to-be wonderful, beautiful, and meaningful weddings coming up this year, as well!

Personal Goals

  1. Get back into a routine with my prayer journal
  2. Take a beach trip
  3. Read three books
  4. Buy herbs (mint, cilantro, & basil!) + keep them alive
  5. Buy flowers for someone just because
  6. Make a Spring in Raleigh to-do list + start checking things off
  7. Play tennis weekly
  8. Learn how to shag (Thursday nights in North Hills!)
  9. Go to the farmer’s market + cook a meal from scratch
  10. Be outside as much as humanly possible (running, tennis, meals, walks, adventures)

Business Goals

  1. I need an intern/assistant for the summer – decide on that process & make it official
  2. Update the front page of my website with new images
  3. Mail all client gifts for new clients
  4. Update my pricing guide for 2017
  5. Write in this blog weekly
  6. Share those eleven editorial + styled shoots on my blog
  7. Throw a launch party for one of my favorite businesses
  8. Plan one more fabulous styled shoot

What about you? I’d love to hear your goals for the upcoming month & see what you’re up to! May is another one of my favorite months of the year, and I’m eagerly anticipating all that it holds!

May 2015 Goals

maygoalsApril flew by at lightning speed, that’s for sure! It was such a full month, filled with countless great memories and experiences. I don’t think I had a spare minute throughout the entire month, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m just glad I knew how much of a whirlwind April would be so that I could face it + embrace it head first! From traveling (to Charlotte, Asheboro, Greensboro, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Charlotte, and Charlottesville again) to a day filled with a one-on-one coaching, branding, & styling session to another day of wedding styling to lots of weeknight fun with friends to to a dear friend’s wedding to the infamous cherry blossoms… and everything in between… I am thankful! April has always been one of my favorite months of the year – Spring has sprung, flowers are blooming everywhere, & wedding season is in full swing.

I don’t think my May calendar will let up any (in fact, I know it won’t!), but I seriously cannot complain. Whenever I feel tired or the smallest bit overwhelmed, I always remind myself that every single thing that I’m filling my calendar (and therefore my life) with is a good thing. Very good things, in fact. The Lord has been so faithful, and I am honestly just thankful right now. The late nights & early mornings are so, so worth it. May brings a couple weddings, my brother-in-law’s MBA graduation, a Memorial weekend trip to the lake, and loads more wedding planning. I’ve been repeating a few favorite Bible verses over and over in my head, and I know I’ll continue to do so in the coming weeks, too!

May Goals

1. Create an official pricing guide for bridal inquiries.

2. Streamline all of my websites/blog.

3. Wrap up another school year in my day job.

4. Continue to work with all of my brides & serve them diligently.

5. Send snail mail to family & friends for big life events coming up.

6. Plan a styled shoot for June (!!!)

7. Buy herbs & keep my mini-garden alive.

8. Have a new logo for Stephanie Scholl Events designed.

9. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

How are you feeling as we enter into a new month? What are your goals for the coming few weeks? Please share yours!