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I wanted to give y’all an update on my thoughts and what I have enjoyed after assisting Stephanie as her intern for several weddings. I have worked alongside Stephanie at three weddings so far, two of which were at the stunning Merrimon-Wynne House and one at the timeless and beautiful Jones Chapel at Meredith College.


wedding 1

To begin with, I have to say how grateful I am for Stephanie granting me the opportunity to work alongside her and the incredible team she has created.  I quickly learned how beneficial, and I would dare say necessary, a wedding planner is to make not only the wedding day run so smoothly, but also to transform the many days and months of planning into a dream day. Stephanie is a gem and truly a lifesaver to the bride, groom, and their families.  It is clear that Stephanie establishes meaningful relationships with the families she works with and creates a bond of the truest sense with her brides.

One of my favorite aspects of interning with Stephanie Shaul Events is getting to write the bridal spotlight posts.  I correspond with the brides, asking them questions about themselves, their spouses, and sneak peaks into their wedding design and inspirations.  Combined with stunning engagement photos, I generate a spotlight post that highlights each of the brides before they tie the knot. Additionally, Stephanie adds in final personal touches to the post before it is published. I love getting to know the brides a little more before their wedding day, as it helps me to better understand not only why they chose certain colors and themes but also who they are as a person.  You can view these bridal spotlight posts I have published: Sarah Morrel, Sarah Holbrooks, Emily Morrel, Nicole Thomas, and Alexia Conley.

Now, to go into more detail about my thoughts and experience after completing several weddings as Stephanie’s intern.  A few words to describe wedding days from my wedding planning point of view include: Exciting, Overwhelming (in the best way possible), Passionate, Adaptability, Rewarding, and Appreciation.

The bliss of wedding days is indescribable.  Every room and person you encounter is filled with an abundant sense of love.  There is hopefulness and excitement for the future. All of the hard work and planning finally comes to fruition, and the result is a beautiful day.

I quickly learned how significant effective communication is to make the day go as planned.  There are a variety of vendors (the flowers, the catering, the cake, the photographer, and many many more) that all have to work together as one cohesive unit.  Stephanie, alongside her interns, are responsible for tying together all of these pieces and ensuring that all parties are on the same page.

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Adaptability is key within this industry.  No matter how many hours of planning take place, there will always be unexpected factors that must be accounted for.  The weather can play tricks on you, especially with the March weddings I assisted Stephanie with.  We battled the rain and cold, but the days still ran so smoothly and beautifully. After all, whether it be raining, sunny, or snowing, there is no variation in weather that can dampen the love between a bride and groom on their wedding day. In facing rain and cold temperatures, we were able to adapt quickly and make adjustments to ensure that the bride’s vision of her day would not be altered.


Within minutes of my first wedding with Stephanie, I quickly realized how rewarding it is to be a wedding planner and how appreciated she is for all of her hard work. Being a wedding planner is no easy task, and Stephanie deserves all of the credit she is given.  The bride, groom, and their families are all so appreciative of the effort, energy, and passion put into planning the day, and it is evident that Stephanie has been blessed with working alongside some of the greatest people.

Learning new things every wedding day, gaining insight into the industry, meeting and strengthening relationships with a variety of people, discovering my passion for design, and embracing my need for extreme organization- these are just a few of the aspects of this internship that I have found so interesting and enjoyable.


So far, this experience has been incredible, and I cannot wait to assist Stephanie with her upcoming summer weddings. Stay tuned for more bridal spotlights and thoughts from me!



all photos are behind-the-scenes iPhone shots from Jacey!

Bride Spotlight: Alexia

I am so delighted to introduce to you today’s bridal spotlight, Alexia Conley. She and Corey will be tying the knot in early June at one of the most stunning venues around, The Merrimon Wynne! It’s a wedding we’ve all been eagerly anticipating for over 1.5 years (Alexia and I got engaged mere days apart!), and I am ecstatic to be bringing this special day to life in just a couple weeks for the loveliest couple that I have loved getting to know.

Alexia and Corey + Rob and I have some fun similarities: both guys are from Buffalo and share a deep love of Duff’s buffalo wings, we all live near each other in north Raleigh (they have the cutest home!), Alexia used to work in the wedding world and has the most amazing collection of props and decor, and we are using the same venue, photographer (the insanely talented + fun Ally and Bobby), caterer (Beau Catering, so good!), rental companies (hello Cottage Luxe + CE), DJ company (Bunn DJ Co.), and bakery (The Cupcake Shoppe deliciousness) for our weddings. As many vendors as we have in common, though, I know just how unique, personalized, and stunning Alexia and Corey’s wedding is going to be!! We’ve been meticulously planning and designing for many months, and Alexia has such an incredible design eye and creative talents. I am in constant awe of the details she has designed and lovingly made for their wedding, and she constantly blows me away with it all, including how organized she is. There are going to be so many modern yet timeless, whimsical yet meaningful, organic yet ethereal, and just plain gorgeous elements of their wedding day.

And, above all else, I know just how excited Alexia and Corey are to be getting married and to celebrate with their nearest and dearest. It’s going to be such an epic and stunning celebration for them, and I am so unbelievably excited to bring it all to life so soon. PS: I know I’m going to cry when they read their vows aloud to each other!

Here’s one of my favorite parts of this blog: a fun and insightful interview with my brides-to-be sharing more about their love story, their wedding, and what Alexia loves most about her soon-to-be husband, Corey!


1. Tell us a little bit about you and your fiancé, Corey!

Corey and I met for the first time on my family vacation in Canada in August of 2009, where he was tagging along with my cousin, Chris. After going our separate ways post-vacation, we didn’t hear from each other for about 6 years. Then, at my cousin’s wedding in 2015, we reconnected. We dated long distance for awhile, meeting up in cities all over the East Coast. When Corey finally moved from Buffalo to Raleigh, I couldn’t have been more excited to start our lives together! This past year, we bought a house and got a goldendoodle pup, Wiley. Corey and I love to try new restaurants, travel and hang out at the lake with family.


2. What are you most excited for about your wedding day?

I can’t wait to exchange vows with Corey! We’re both writing our own vows, and I know his will be amazing!


3. What was your biggest inspiration for your wedding design?

I used to work in the wedding industry, so needless to say, I’ve been dreaming of my wedding design for awhile.  I love flowers and soft romantic hues, so both of those things really informed our wedding design.  We also wanted to tie in some modern elements, like copper and marble, to add a bit of contrast to our ethereal design.


4. Are you doing a first look or saving it for walking down the aisle?

First look! Corey and I really want to be able to enjoy our cocktail hour and be in the moment, so we’ve opted to take most of our photos before the wedding! We’ll surely have to sneak in a few photos in that gorgeous golden hour though!


5. Describe your style in one word.




6. What’s your favorite way to relax and unwind?

Corey and I love pouring a glass of wine and just hanging out at home with Wiley!



7. What is something you’re passionate about?

I’m passionate about travel! I truly enjoy planning trips, meals and excursions around the world!


8. What has been the biggest surprise in the wedding planning process?

All of the little details! I think planning the overall design was easy, but when we get into logistics and all of the day of details, I’m so glad I have Stephanie to help and provide advice.


9. What is your favorite part of your wedding design?

Probably the flowers! Or the dreamy tapered candles in the marble and copper candle holders my mom and I DIYed.


10. What is your favorite thing about Corey?

Do I have to pick just one thing? 🙂 Corey is truly the most thoughtful man I have ever met. He both tells me and shows me daily how much he loves me. He writes the most sweet notes, and always surprises me with wonderful things (like my favorite flowers, treats, and coffee, which is definitely the way to my heart!)

all photos by the amazing Ally and Bobby

more bridal spotlights: Nicole, Emily, Sarah, Sarah, and Megan



Bride Spotlight: Nicole

I am so, so excited to introduce to you today’s bridal spotlight, Nicole Thomas.  Nicole and Logan will be getting married at beautiful The Little Herb House this weekend in Raleigh!

We’ve been busy planning and designing Nicole and Logan’s wedding for just under a year, and it’s incredibly rewarding and so much fun bringing all these details, designs, and plans to life! And when it’s for such a sweet, loving couple… you just can’t help but smile. Nicole is best friend’s with a former college suitemate of mine, and she reached out to me right after she and Logan were engaged. It’s been such a joy reconnecting and getting to know the two of them better, as well as making their wedding day as personalized, fun, meaningful, and wonderful as possible! Nicole is an avid horseback rider and horses are a huge part of her life. In fact, these two own a horse farm! We made sure to incorporate gorgeous equestrian touches throughout the day, and it’s a theme subtly woven throughout many details. With an outdoor ceremony centered on a floral-adorned arbor, a horse and carriage toting the wedding party around, and an incredibly fun reception planned for their guests (s’mores bar, sparkler exit, and all!), it’s sure to be a wonderful, memorable, joyful day for these two and their family and friends!


nicole and logan 1

1. Tell us a little bit about you and your fiancé, Logan! 

We met through mutual friends and at first started dating long distance.  When Logan moved to NC, we started out growing our first home. We both love animals and wound up settling on an 18 acre farm. We love working together. Usually we make a great time. Logan is definitely a “big picture” kind of person while I focus in on the smaller details. It’s a lot of work but we both love it.

2. What are you most excited for about your wedding day?

I think I’m most excited for Logan to see me in my dress for the first time.


3. What was your biggest inspiration for your wedding design?

Probably our farm lifestyle.  We wanted something rustic but also elegant.

4. Are you doing a first look or saving it for walking down the aisle?

Saving it for walking down the aisle.


5. Describe your style in one word. 


6. What’s your favorite way to relax and unwind?

Watching a movie or grilling out with friends


7. What is something you’re passionate about?

Horses, horses, and more horses. Lol – they’re a little addicting and a huge part of my life.

8. What has been the biggest surprise in the wedding planning process?

How much planning it takes to pull everything together for the big day


9. What is your favorite part of your wedding design?

I really loved the way Stephanie helped us incorporate some equestrian elements into the wedding – but without it being an overwhelming thing.

10. What is your favorite thing about Logan?

It’s hard to pick just one thing!  His kindness and work ethic.


We’ll be sharing plenty of sneak peaks over on Instagram this weekend, so stay tuned!