Bouquets of 2018

2018 has been one GORGEOUS year of weddings; that’s for sure! My 2018 wedding season wrapped up just a couple days ago, and it’s safe to say that this was an absolutely wonderful year filled with amazing brides and grooms, top-notch vendors, stunning designs, and a whole lot of love.

I wanted to share the Stephanie Shaul Events couples’ Bouquets of 2018… a glimpse into the wedding designs and planning that I was honored to be a part of. I love, love, love flowers, and getting to work alongside some of the very best florists of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill was nothing short of marvelous. Though I had a hand in designing and styling each of these weddings, these incredible florists absolutely knocked it out of the park!! One of my personal favorite parts of every wedding day is bringing the bride her bridal bouquet and seeing her reaction: a mix of sheer joy, excitement, and awe! And goodness, every bridal bouquet this past year was truly spectacular. I’ll let you see for yourself…

Alexia and Corey’s wedding at the Merrimon Wynne

photography by Ally and Bobby + bouquet by Wylde Flowers

Sarah and Jay’s wedding at the Merrimon Wynne

photography by Anagram Photo + bouquet by Wylde Flowers

Amanda and Patrick’s wedding at 21c

photography by Kelsey Nelson + bouquet by University Florist of Chapel Hill

Emily and Philip’s wedding at Jones Chapel and St. Mary’s School

photography by Rebekah Senter + bouquet by Specialties Events

Alex and Graham’s wedding at the Cotton Room

photography by Anagram Photo + bouquet by Petal & Oak

Sarah and Clint’s wedding at the Merrimon Wynne

photography by Erica Serrano + bouquet by Bowerbird Flowers

Nicole and Logan’s wedding at the Little Herb House

photography by Lindsey Cash + bouquet by Bowerbird Flowers

Lauren and Grant’s wedding at the Firehouse

photography by Ally and Bobby + bouquet by Flowers for You

IMG-8666 (1)

Emily and Matt’s wedding at the Oaks at Salem

iphone photo + bouquet by Penny Johnson


Elena and Sean’s wedding at the Rickhouse

iphone photo + bouquet by Daniels Florist

How breathtaking are each of these bouquets (and these amazing couples)?! It was a remarkable year, and all of these bridal bouquets are as unique as these brides and grooms and their wedding designs. From brightly colored bouquets to all-white bouquets to trailing colorful ribbons and everything in between, I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at the bridal bouquets that made up the Stephanie Shaul Events 2018 weddings. Heartfelt thanks to each of these outstanding florists — and photographers! — who created and captured such beautiful treasures for my brides to carry as they wed their grooms! It was such a joy to work alongside all of these talented vendors as we brought these dream wedding days to life for such wonderful couples!

Now tell me: is there a bouquet or two that especially speaks to you?! Are you on board the trailing ribbon train? You know I certainly am!

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