Shaul Family Year in Review 2017


The Shaul Family
established 2017

The best thing about 2017:

We got married!!! It was truly the best day ever… but we have to say, marriage is even better!



Our wedding celebrations with family and friends! Bridal shower, couples shower, bachelor (in Buffalo) and bachelorette (in Charlottesville) weekends, bridesmaid luncheon, rehearsal dinner, welcome party, and wedding

Our relaxing, luxurious, incredible honeymoon in Antigua

Vacations to visit family in NYC (and attend the US Open) and the Outer Banks (and a lot of smaller weekend visits in between!)

Becoming members of our church, Vintage, going through pre-marital counseling there, being a part of the leadership team of our community group, and serving on the welcome/communion team at church

Celebrating six months of marriage and one year of being engaged (both fall on October 1!) in our favorite Charlottesville


2017 Travel Highlights:

Antigua, Buffalo, NYC, Outer Banks, Charlottesville x3, Charlotte x6, Pennsylvania x2, Columbus, Ohio x2, Myrtle Beach + Carolina Beach x3, NC mountains x2, Kingsland, GA, Savannah, GA, Washington DC, and Charleston x2


2017 Figures:

Trips taken: 32

Blog posts written: 79

Weddings planned: 10

Football shows recorded: 28

Wedding pictures we can’t stop looking at: 1,384

Guests hosted: 9


Favorite newlywed memories:

moving in together and making it our home, day trips to the beach and to the mountains, cooking dinners together, visiting wineries and becoming wine club members at our favorite winery, playing tennis together, hosting friends for game nights, lots of long conversations and laughter on the couch, breakfasts in bed, double dates, serving together at church, testing new cocktail recipes, Sundays spent watching football, creating new Shaul family Christmas traditions and celebrating our first married Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Shaul Family Year in Review 2017

    1. It has definitely been quite the year!!! Haha! I’m hoping for 2018 to be just as joyous and love-filled… but with a few less major life events 🙂 Love you so much, and Merry Christmas!!

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