Marriage Matters

Gorgeous images like these are some of my favorites from a wedding day: the bride and groom, newly married, walking or dancing hand in hand with the biggest giddy smiles; surrounded by their best friends! The design of the wedding is showcased here with the attire, setting, and florals, for sure. And the very best part? Knowing that this is only day one of marriage for these two. A wedding day is likely one of the best, most exciting, and most anticipated days of your life. And I love that!

But there is so much more than just this one day. Marriage is what matters. A lifetime of love (messy and joyful and challenging and full of grace!) is what the focus is. I want my couples, my friends, and my husband + myself to have marriages so much more beautiful than our wedding days. I want engagements to be filled with marriage planning and big dreams and deep conversations – not just wedding planning. I want you to know that there is so much more to come after your wedding day! That’s why I do the work that I do: so that my brides and grooms can focus more on their upcoming marriage than just on wedding planning. So that their engagement season is joy-filled + not stress-filled. So that I get to see huge, genuine smiles like this on their wedding day!


Photography by Callie Davis of Nancy Ray Photography

Planning and styling by Stephanie Shaul Events

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