Our Christmas Stockings


I am such a sentimental person who adores holiday traditions + family heirlooms (shocker!), and as silly as it may sound, I’m unbelievably excited about our new Christmas stockings!

My wonderful aunt knitted these bespoke stockings for us, and we hung them up this year by the fireplace in our first home together. This is the custom “Shaul family” pattern we designed together, and seeing her impeccable work, the traditional, nostalgic Christmas design, and our names on these is pretty surreal and really fun. I’m a sucker for family traditions, new and old! And I’m unbelievably grateful for my Aunt Diane who created these beautiful stockings for us – they’re utterly perfect and so meaningful.

How do you prefer to decorate for the holidays? I love incorporating family heirlooms and meaningful decor into our home, as they serve as constant reminders of traditions, childhood nostaglia, and our loved ones near and far!

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