Being a College Student in the Wedding Industry: What Inspires Me

photo by Blue Barn, florals by Bowerbird Flowers, styling by Stephanie Shaul Events

Lea here! So… let’s get personal for a few minutes. Writing wedding blog posts can be tricky for me, more so than Stephanie. She has worked in this industry for years, has attended around a hundred weddings, and is married herself. I, however, am a 21 year old senior in college, have only attended a handful of weddings and have a long term/long distance boyfriend.

Although I can only relate to physical wedding planning so much, I can however relate to two aspects of a wedding (arguably the two most important things!). Those things are love and design! Obviously, love is way more important than the design of your wedding, but being an interior design gal the look and decor is pretty darn important, too!

When I sit down to brainstorm blog ideas or write posts I often times find it hard to connect or relate to brides and grooms. Being much younger and not as involved in the wedding industry, it can be tricky to translate my thoughts and feelings on weddings into words. Although I am not at this place in my life, I oftentimes find it helpful to connect back to my own relationship to find inspiration for the “love” aspect of weddings, and my interior design studies and passion for the design portion of weddings. These two aspects in my life empower me so much and in turn inspire my writing. I know there is a lot of stipulation around young couples getting married at an early age, and let me be clear, I am not getting married anytime soon! All I’m saying is I am in love, and my relationship inspires me to connect to the weddings I write about on a more emotional level.

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photo by Faith Teasley, planning and design by Stephanie Shaul Events

Let me talk a little bit more about my relationship: Grant and I are seniors in college, attend different universities, and have been together for almost three years. We met our freshman year when we both attended NC State, but when we met he had already made the decision to transfer schools. Our relationship hasn’t been easy, both with insanely busy schedules (school, social, families, work, etc.) and living 2 hours apart, and it has been hard handle everything at once, but I have never once doubted my decision to continue our relationship. He is the most selfless, kind hearted, funny, and handsome man I have ever met! He is seriously the best. We have talked about getting married one day (don’t lie, you have too 😉 ) and whenever I am at a wedding I think back to Grant and myself.

Being able to picture myself on my wedding day and the emotions that come along with  a wedding makes writing blog posts so much easier to connect and relate to brides on their wedding day and translate that into content.

photo by Nancy Ray Photography, styling by Stephanie Shaul Events

In terms of interior design serving as an inspiration, that’s something I can strongly connect with. I am familiar with wedding decor and desing, and the differences between wedding decor and interior design decor, but being able to connect them and intertwine my knowledge makes it a lot easier for me to follow through with a wedding design. My interior design posts, where I take a space and translate it into a wedding design, is what I hope to portray to y’all! To me, it’s about how the two can be meshed and intertwined so your wedding can be just as much a reflection of you as your home is.

I hope to continue to grow in my knowledge of weddings and with that my wedding content and knowledge will continue to grow!

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