Our Engagement Photos


Our engagement photos are in and, well, I’m speechless. And oh how I love this man. There aren’t enough thanks to our absolutely phenomenal photographers and dear friends, Ally + Bobby Willix from Ally + Bobby Fine Art Photography, for these treasures. I’m still a little speechless looking through the gallery and keep crying happy tears looking at these precious, love-filled, joyful images. I’m in awe of your talent, friends, and I cannot believe these are OUR engagement pictures. These images simultaneously melt my heart, make me want to cry happy tears, and leave me beaming with joy!


The image below is one of my absolute favorites, and it even made its way onto our Rehearsal Dinner Invitation!

abstephanierobengagement22 abstephanierobengagement25 abstephanierobengagement28

The next series of pictures are, well, the sweetest and most tender images imaginable, and I love love LOVE them. I actually cried when I saw them for the first time, and they mean so much to me. Rob, I love the way you look at me!!!

abstephanierobengagement31 abstephanierobengagement33 abstephanierobengagement53 abstephanierobengagement59 abstephanierobengagement60 abstephanierobengagement63

We really do laugh ALL the time. The one below is so “us”

abstephanierobengagement67 abstephanierobengagement68 abstephanierobengagement71

We chose to have our engagement session at the stunning Bald Head Island off the coast of North Carolina! I cannot imagine a more gorgeous or perfect setting for our engagement pictures, as you can see – it is like out of a fairytale!

I have a deep love of Spanish moss, oak trees, and the lowcountry South, and it would be a little dream of mine to get married in a place such as this… think Charleston or Bald Head Island. For various reasons, it really didn’t make sense to have our wedding in either of these locations, and we barely considered the notion of it. I’m ecstatic we’re getting married in Raleigh, and it makes so much more sense for us in a million ways!

But Rob knows of my love for all things Bald Head Island/Spanish moss/dappled sunlight, and he suggested that we go to Bald Head Island for our engagement session! Quite the romantic šŸ™‚ It’s only a few hours (and a quick ferry ride) from Raleigh, so Ally, Bobby, Rob, and I made a fun daytrip of it together. This island holds even more meaning for us now, and we are so grateful that we were blessed with a 70 degree, sunny, beautiful day in November!!

abstephanierobengagement73 abstephanierobengagement75 abstephanierobengagement79 abstephanierobengagement80 abstephanierobengagement91 abstephanierobengagement95 abstephanierobengagement100 abstephanierobengagement102 abstephanierobengagement105 abstephanierobengagement107 abstephanierobengagement115

“We love because He first loved us.” This is the heartbeat of what we want our wedding and our marriage to encompass, and we’re striving to remember this in all things. As much as I love Rob (and vice versa), our love doesn’t compare to the neverending + unconditional love of the Lord… and how we want to live that gift out with each other + with everyone around us.

We had our dear friend Alexa of Sage Paper Co. create + calligraph this truly stunning sign for us, and I love that it’s incorporated into our engagement photos, it will be displayed at our wedding, and we’ll have it hanging in our home forever. Such a sweet reminder of His lavish love – and our love for each other! Also, can we talk about the golden hour sunlight peeping through the Spanish moss?!

abstephanierobengagement116 abstephanierobengagement119 abstephanierobengagement120 abstephanierobengagement122 abstephanierobengagement123 abstephanierobengagement125 abstephanierobengagement126 abstephanierobengagement127 abstephanierobengagement128 abstephanierobengagement129

Goodness, my hubby-to-be is SO dapper and handsome!!! I love how he looks in this attire (and always!), and this High Cotton navy dotted tie is the perfect finishing touch! Thank you, Judy and Patrick, for our new favorite tie!!

abstephanierobengagement130 abstephanierobengagement150

abstephanierobengagement156 abstephanierobengagement165 abstephanierobengagement167 abstephanierobengagement175 abstephanierobengagement176 abstephanierobengagement177 abstephanierobengagement178 abstephanierobengagement181 abstephanierobengagement185 abstephanierobengagement192 abstephanierobengagement198 abstephanierobengagement201 abstephanierobengagement200 abstephanierobengagement199 abstephanierobengagement174 abstephanierobengagement150

Rob, I cannot wait to marry you on April 1, become your wife, and spend forever together. You are the best of the best, and I’m so blessed and thankful to be loved by you – and to love you in return. I love you so very much!!!

Truly, a million thanks to Ally and Bobby for this truly INCREDIBLE images. We’ve already printed dozens and hung them around my apartment (soon to be our apartment when we get married!), and I know we will treasure these pictures forever. There aren’t enough words in the world to express how much we love these images – and you two, too!!

You can follow along with more behind-the-scenes peeks into our wedding and wedding planning on Instagram and with our #ScholltoShaul hashtag! Thank you for following along and encouraging us daily!! šŸ™‚

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    1. Oh Rhi, thank you so very much!! You’re always so incredibly encouraging, and I really appreciate your kind words! We are SO happy, and we cannot wait to be married!! šŸ™‚ xoxox

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