Kate and Eric’s Wedding Recap


From Janna: Kate and Eric’s wedding could not have been a better introduction to what it is like to be a wedding planner! Filled with the most beautiful flowers, decor, and other details as well as the most wonderful people, this day gave me more confidence that one day I want to help a bride and groom’s dreams come true.

How amazing are these bouquets?! The peonies added the perfect amount of warmth to the exotic, organic feel these flowers gave off. The little details are what it’s all about!



I had the opportunity to help set up the reception space at The Carolina Inn with Stephanie, which really gave me the chance to use my sense of style. I loved that Stephanie asked for my input and trusted my opinions!

I never expected a wedding day, from a planner’s perspective, to be 12+ hours! However, it was certainly the best way I could have spent my day! Every moment, glamorous or not, was filled with joy. I give all the credit to both Stephanie’s expertise and personality as well as the most wonderful bride and groom and their families!


I learned that one of the reasons I love wedding days so much is because it is a day so filled with joy and love. Being able to assist with the details was so much fun, because the end result is so worth it!

All of the images were taken on our phones and we are so excited to share the real wedding photos from Blest Studios with you soon!!

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