June 2016 Goals

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Happy June, y’all! I blinked and May was over; I simply do not know where the month went!! May was a wonderful, fun, & busy month filled with so much goodness. I planned lots of weddings, brought a few new clients on board, met with several of my sweet brides in person, brought an intern on board (more soon!!), met with my business groups, had two shoots featured, went on loads of coffee dates, pulled off an editorial shoot, planned + hosted the Sugar Euphoria storefront grand opening party, and had a few excellent mentoring + coaching sessions with clients. Whew! It was a full month of business fun, but it was also balanced out with plenty of personal life fun. I have been really good about turning off my emails on the weekends & not working during the weekend (which I know will change once my weddings kick off this month!). In May, I went to the farmer’s market, played tennis tons, learned disc golf, ate most meals outside, went on a bunch of picnics & to lots of cookouts, spent time at the pool, took a trip to the beach, roadtripped with Rob to Pennsylvania to meet his parents, visited stunning botanical gardens, had a blast with friends, and so much more. Yes… May was a full & fabulous month, indeed! And I simply cannot wait to see what June has in store!

Personal Goals

  1. Join a mixed doubles tennis team (this is proving hard than we thought!)
  2. Host a cookout at the pool
  3. Read two books
  4. Work on a super secret surprise project (cannot wait to share!)
  5. Go to a Durham Bulls game + explore Durham more
  6. Make ice cream from scratch
  7. Buy flowers for someone, just because
  8. Shag at North Hills on Thursdays (we’ve been practicing – ha!)
  9. Be outside as much as humanly possible (running, tennis, meals, walks, adventures)
  10. Learn something new

Business Goals

  1. Finish training my intern, introduce her to y’all, & lead her well
  2. Pull off a wonderful, beautiful, seamless wedding in Charlotte
  3. I have several out of town brides who all happen to be coming into town in June for day-long planning/vendor meetings… go into those organized & full of information
  4. Debut my 2017 Pricing Guide
  5. Update my business journal regularly
  6. Publish blog posts every week (hopefully twice a week!)
  7. Share on of my very favorite editorial shoots on one of my all-time favorite websites
  8. Follow up with all of my past coaching + mentoring clients to check in & encourage them

What about you? I’d love to hear your goals for the upcoming month & see what you’re up to! June is a favorite month of the year, and I’m eagerly anticipating all that it holds!

5 thoughts on “June 2016 Goals

  1. So happy for you and I love how you’re squeezing out every drop of joy and fun each month while also being such an awesome boss lady! 🙂 So proud of you and I love you!

  2. Lady! You just blow me away every month. May sounds like it held SO much goodness for you – you’re making me want to go and do and enjoy even more in June! 🙂

    1. You’re so sweet!! But keep in mind… I don’t have a newborn! Ha 🙂 It sounds like y’all do an incredible job of enjoying life together!!

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