Dreaming… of exciting vacation plans & travel throughout the next few months! I’m traveling out of town for eight straight weekends, which is super exciting (and only slightly exhausting)

Planning… lots and lots of weddings, and loving every second of it! I’m currently in the throes of some floral designing, timeline creating, and detail creating for plenty of Stephanie Scholl Event brides!

Cooking… my first Blue Apron meal (I haven’t had time to cook in the last few weeks.. or the coming few weeks, either!)

Making… dreams happen!!

Watching… the flowers bloom outside. Cherry blossom season is officially here!

Drinking… lemonade – preferably with fresh mint! And lots of Diet Coke.

Reading… well, for the first time in a long time, I’m almost (almost!) too busy to read! Yikes. I just finished a book about Paris, and I’m currently reading through Psalms. I also have a stack of seven books on my nightstand, but that’s just not happening at the moment…

What about you?!

2 thoughts on “Currently…

    1. Hooray for summer break and family time! I’m definitely hoping we’ll get to see you guys this summer – I’m counting on it 🙂 What color are you possibly painting your kitchen?!

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