Kite Festival


One of the most beloved DC events is the annual Cherry Blossom Kite Festival, which kicks off the weeks-long celebration centering around the city’s beloved cherry blossoms. The Kite Festival is almost magical in its beauty – it’s pretty mesmerizing to see hundreds of bright and colorful kites flying around the ground near the Washington Monument! Anyone is encouraged to come and bring a kite, or just stroll around taking it all in. It’s so fun to see little kids try to fly their kites, as well as professionals fly their amazing kites. Such a picturesque sight to see!

The Kite Festival the other weekend was quite cold (I mean, really cold) and incredibly windy, so my meager kite didn’t last more than twenty seconds! It was fun while it lasted, though. I love checking out the variety of kites, seeing which ones are highest and stay up the longest, and which have the best designs. If you’re ever in DC around this time of year, I can’t recommend a stop by the Cherry Blossom Kite Festival enough. It’s just beautiful, and it seems like the whole city comes out for it each year!


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