Easter 2015


Easter is one of my favorite holidays, and I absolutely love how the focus of Easter is mainly on the true reason for the holiday – Jesus’ resurrection! Focusing on the Holy Week (Palm Sunday through Easter) is such an integral, crucial part of the Christian faith, and it’s such a whirlwind of emotion  throughout the week when you reflect on Christ’s final week on earth. Truly amazing! There is so much hope and joy when Jesus conquers death & is risen from the grave. Alleluia!


It was so wonderful to be able to spend a brief 36 hours or so with my family at home in Charlotte. Any time together is better than none, and I’ve learned that long weekend drives are definitely worth it to see family. And spending Easter together is so special & filled with tradition! Bridgette, Rob, and I thankfully could drive together (Charlottesville is on the way from DC to Charlotte!), which made the trip even more enjoyable than usual.


The five of us enjoyed lots of great conversations & laughter, delicious food (thanks, Mom, for making all of our favorites when we come visit!), absolutely gorgeous Spring weather every day (dogwoods, red buds, Carolina blue skies, warm sunshine!), a trip to Ikea, golfing at the neighborhood driving range (thankfully my dad is a golf coach!), time outside, a beautiful Easter morning service at my home church, our annual tradition – an Easter egg hunt!  Easter3

It was a perfect weekend with my family, though way too short. I am so, so thankful for them – and how we cheer each other on, lift each other up, and are great at giving advice. I treasure our time together so much; they’re the very best!Easter4

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