Art Galleries in Dupont Circle

dupontartOne of my goals this month was to do a new-to-me activity or event in D.C., and I’m thrilled it didn’t take me too long into the month to venture to Dupont Circle for First Friday! First Friday is an ongoing & longstanding event on the first Friday of every month, where several renowned art galleries in Dupont Circle open their doors from about 6pm – 8pm for anyone. Many of these art galleries are within just a couple blocks of one another (some even next door to each other), so it’s easy to traverse to a few or all of them. Many of the artists themselves are there, so it’s a chance to chat with them or with other art enthusiasts. The types of art varies immensely, from fine art to really modern or contemporary – and everything in between. It doesn’t hurt that there are complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres at each of the galleries!

My friends and I were really excited to check out this Dupont tradition, especially since Dupont Circle is a favorite D.C. neighborhood of mine. I also worked in Dupont for my first three years in the city, yet I had no idea that there were quite so many art galleries within just a couple blocks of my old office. What a gem! We loved seeing the various types of art and artists, and the architecture in these galleries was also awesome. If you’re ever free on the first Friday of the month, I would definitely recommend this event!


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