Floral Bridesmaid Dresses


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With Spring just around the corner (or is that just wishful thinking?), I can’t help but be inspired by this upcoming favorite season. I’ve been noticing more and more floral bridesmaid dresses appearing in weddings and in wedding magazines, versus the traditional solid colored dresses. I am definitely loving the feel that floral bridesmaid dresses evoke. They’re dreamy and romantic, with gorgeous color palettes and varying styles. It takes a somewhat non-traditional or fashion-forward bride to choose floral bridesmaid dresses, but these floral frocks can range from sweet and girly to bright and cheerful.

So many of these inspiration dresses are so breezy and sunny, and how I wish I was in the midst of a grand garden party-esque wedding right now! I think we’re going to see more and more unique bridesmaid dress choices in the upcoming seasons, from florals to stripes to glitter – and everything in between. What do you think? Would you (or did you) stick to a more singular color palette, or you on board of the floral dress train? Which dress pictured here is your favorite?

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