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businessbookOne of my goals for 2015 is to read more business books & to integrate them more into my reading routine. I set a specific goal for the month of February to read two business books, and I know I’ll be able to check this goal off the list for the month! I reserved several business books at the library, and, of course, many of them happened to become available at the exact same time! So I’m busy furiously reading through these books here so that I’ll better be able to run, grow, strategize, operate, and streamline my own little wedding design & planning business, Stephanie Scholl Events.

Some of my book recommendations came from family and friends, and some of them came from this incredibly inspiring list from other women creatives and small business owners that I look up to so much. I’ve finished $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau and Make it Happen by Lara Casey – and I loved both! I started reading Margin by Richard Swenson and simply could not get into it. And next up are #Girl Boss and The 4 Hour Work Week. I’m excited to delve into these, too!

I’m also always open to more favorite, inspiring business-related books, especially for small business owners, creative businesses, wedding-related, or for women. I would definitely love to know – which books impacted you the most? What should I add to my reading list?


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