Great Falls Hike

Before winter sets in (and now that the humidity of summer has passed!), I love bring able to take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible. Great Falls National Park is quite close to home, and it always amazes me that such a scenic, beautiful national park is only minutes from Washington, DC. My friends and I love hiking at Great Falls every fall, and you know how much I love a good tradition. It also blows my mind that this is my sixth Fall living in DC, so I suppose we do have some really great traditions going on by now.

There’s not much better than bringing a picnic, taking in the scenery, getting fresh air in your longs, and going on a hike with dear friends. We didn’t hike very much on this trip, but that’s okay. I love that we were able to sit atop a rock on the cliff overlooking the waterfalls and just catch up on life and enjoy the view in front of us. It was a restful afternoon, and I so enjoyed the company of my friends and the absolute beauty of nature. Though we intended to get a good hike in, sometimes just “being” is more important, and it’s okay to rest and think and talk, especially when surrounded by such stunning scenery. When and where did you hike last? I love to find good local hikes to conquer!

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