Articles Club

I was recently reading A Cup of Jo’s blog post about the Articles Club that she and her friends started, and that got my wheels turning. I’ve long adored being in my book club (three years and counting), but some of my friends are too busy/overwhelmed/intimidated by reading a book every month. So I reached out to several friends, as I love any excuse to read, and we, too, are going to have an articles club!

Like I said, reading, chatting with my friends, having great conversation, and drinking wine is a win-win for me. I am hosting it in my home, as I feel like that might prompt even better discussion (and who doesn’t like apps, wine, and desserts?). And I think the articles (as opposed to books) will appeal to friends who aren’t huge readers or who don’t want to commit to a book. Plus, with a group of twenty-somethings living in DC, I think our conversations and discussions will be excellent and insightful.

bookcase love

I’m excited to commence our articles club tonight, and I’d love to hear –

what are some articles that you would recommend we read and discuss?

PS: I so wish Bridgette was local so that she could join!!

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