Fall Fun

It's been a marvelous autumn filled with endless adventures! I think I managed to cross a significant portion of items off of my annual fall to-do list. Here is a snippet of some smaller events, scenes, and activities that happened this Fall, in addition to everything else: Another trip to the apple orchard & a pumpkin … Continue reading Fall Fun

Mount Vernon Fall Wine & Sunset Festival

I've made huge progress on crossing things off of my annual Fall to-do list, and one more item was the Mount Vernon Fall Sunset & Wine Festival, held annually at Mount Vernon, George Washington's home on the Potomac River. I've been to the beautiful grounds, farm, and home of George Washington at least a dozen … Continue reading Mount Vernon Fall Wine & Sunset Festival

Chili & Cornbread Fall Dinner Party

Hosting dinner parties brings me so much joy, and I dearly love the planning and preparation, the dreaming and designing, and the sense of hospitality and community that comes from a great dinner party. And dinner parties don't have to be complicated or fussy! Bringing friends together for our annual chili and cornbread dinner party … Continue reading Chili & Cornbread Fall Dinner Party