Easter 2014

Easter has long been one of my favorite holidays, as it’s paramount to Christianity and it’s also a beautiful holiday without all of the commercialism. The point of Easter, Christ’s resurrection and life, is truly celebrated… along with time with family, Easter service, and a good ol’ Easter egg hunt.

I was home in North Carolina for the week for Spring Break, and Bridgette & Rob were able to join us late Friday night of Easter weekend, which was just wonderful. Our Saturdays plans were a bit altered since there was torrential downpour for the entire day, but we all enjoyed a day simply being together. It was filled with a leisurely day, playing games & laughing way too much, dyeing Easter eggs, inhaling homemade chex mix, and an early birthday celebration for Bridgette at Paco’s Tacos.

Easter morning dawned beautiful and Spring-like. The early morning service at church was wonderful, as always, and I just love the flowers adoring the cross at church. We then changed into our workout clothes after some family pictures outside, as it was time for our uber-competitive annual Easter egg hunt! Why yes, all three of us ‘kids’ are in our mid to late twenties and have an Easter egg hunt. It’s fun to keep the tradition alive, and it’s always a good time. Thankfully, after a couple years without a win, I conquered Bridgette & Rob and won this year!

Then it was time for our Easter dinner, which my mom is superb at cooking (with a little help from all of us!). It’s so special to sit down with my wonderful family, celebrate the true meaning of Easter, and share good times and good food with one another. What a special weekend it was!

French Press Mornings: Encouraging Easter Print ... Why do you look for the living among the dead?  He is not here, He Has Risen!  Luke 24:5-6

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