Virginia Creeper Trail | Biking

One day during my Spring Break, my parents and I headed out for a day trip up to the mountains of Virginia to the Virginia Creeper Trail – a little over three hours from Charlotte. My mom and dad have both biked the trail before, and they’d been raving about it for years… so it was definitely time for me to join in the fun! The Virginia Creeper Trail (at least the part that we did) is a 17 mile bike ride from White Top, Virgnia to Damascus, Virginia, curving down the mountains and across the fields.

I was a little intimidated by the thought of 17 miles (plus 1.5 miles to bike to the top of the trail), but it was as painless as a ride as I had been told. Almost the entire trail is downhill, and the few parts that aren’t downhill are quite flat… very smooth and easy biking! The bike ride takes three to four hours, generally, depending on that amount of stopping to take in the scenery that you do. We were in no rush, and it was so enjoyable to bike down the mountains, through tiny little pit stops, and alongside creeks and small rivers.

I’d highly recommend biking the Virginia Creeper Trail! I had such an enjoyable, fun day with my parents, and we felt so accomplished riding our bikes so many miles. At the end of the main portion of the trail is the quaint, cute town of Damascus, where we enjoyed a nice, late lunch at the Damascus Old Mill overlooking a river. Renting bikes, getting a shuttle back to the top of the mountain, and the trail itself were all great experiences! Plus, any excuse to spend the day with my fabulous parents is a wonderful thing, indeed.


2 thoughts on “Virginia Creeper Trail | Biking

  1. My wife and I love the Virginia Creeper Trail. A month or 2 ago, we rode down it on our vintage tandem bike and that was so much fun. It’s a few hours away from us, but it’s well worth the drive. The scenery is beautiful. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. Take care.

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