Library of Congress

LOC2I recently saw someone’s travel bucket list, and the list included the Library of Congress. Sometimes (too often?), I take for granted that I live here in Washington, DC – and all of the history, monuments, etc that encompasses that. I think I do a pretty good job of getting out and about in the city, doing the ‘touristy’ things, and appreciating my city… but I can always do better and appreciate it more! I definitely still get those moments, usually in pretty random times, when I think “Oh wow – this is my city. This is where I get to live!”

I love when I have the chance to do those more touristy things, because – even after all these years of living here – I still love to do it all! I love walking (or even going on a run or bike ride) around the Mall, I love visiting the Smithsonians and all of the other world-class museums, I love eating at my favorite restaurants over and over, and I love showing off the best parts of this city that I’ve come to call home. Bridgette and Rob recently came to visit for a quick weekend, and they were eager to see the Library of Congress again. It’s one of the most beautiful and regal buildings in the city, and it’s filled to the brim with history – and books! The Library of Congress houses more than 155 million (million!) items, which is incredible. It also houses the largest rare book collection in the country, and it was founded in 1800, which means the Library of Congress is the oldest federal cultural institution. Pretty cool!

Here is the Library of Congress: the gorgeous architecture, the beautiful & ornate walls and ceilings, the quotes about life, books, and learning, and the prestigious Reading Room.

We had a wonderful time absorbing all of the details, sights, and exhibits all around the Library of Congress. There is so much to see and learn, and I love that. Among so many other things, we were able to see the Gutenberg Bible & Mainz Bible, Jefferson’s extensive collection of rare books, a great exhibit on the Civil War (where we could see the contents of Lincoln’s pockets when he was killed), and tons of ancient maps. Anyone who visits DC should definitely check out the Library of Congress, for sure. In fact, it’s just steps away from the Capitol, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, and Eastern Market… no big deal!


One thought on “Library of Congress

  1. Hola Stephanie, soy de Chile al final del mundo. Quiero felicitar tu blog, me ha parecido muy interesante y cultural, nos permite conocer más de tu país. Espero yo ya tener un blog y mostrar como es Chile.
    También espero conocer un poco de tu pais, cuando viaje a fines de este mes si Dios quiere.
    Felicidades y sigue asi!

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