September Goals

hot air balloon

A quick recap of my August goals and how I did:

  1. enjoy being in DC for most weekends & check several items off my summer to-do list [Done! I’ve reinvigorated my love of DC & have been non-stop busy the entire month! A few things I crossed off my summer to-do list: Union Market, paddleboating on the Tidal Basin, biking the city, Roosevelt Island, a few new restaurants, a Julia Child event in the Smithsonian Victory Garden, a new vineyard, & Screen on the Green! Whew.]
  2. read The Kitchen House, The Ragamuffin Gospel, James: Mercy Triumphs, American Wife, & Moloka’i [Finished with all of these, and then some!]
  3. go to the Farmer’s Market at least twice and cook more meals/desserts from scratch [Done! And I’ve baked/cooked from scratch: chocolate chip banana bread, blueberry banana bread, PB&J bars, Greek pasta salad, tzatziki, quinoa stirfry, and a huge feast from Eastern Market with Allie, Lindsey, & Kate]
  4. renew my passport – Europe Trip 2014 (!!) [I started the process & quickly realized it was a bit more involved than I expected. Luckily I have a few months to get this done, so I’ll keep it on my goal list]
  5. play tennis often & possibly join a tennis league [So little free time! Working on this + Fall is such a good time to play]
  6. paint an abstract canvas + hopefully paint our living room [Done and done! SO excited about all of the home improvements I’ve done this month & I will share soon!!]
  7. practice calligraphy & look into calligraphy classes [Whoops.. working on this!]
  8. research a new place to volunteer [I have narrowed down the list, and was also able to volunteer one Saturday for the DC Public Schools Beautification Day at one of my elementary schools!]
  9. send snail mail to 10 people [Snail mail is so important. I managed to send mail to 13 family/friends this month… and I even got some mail back!]
  10. “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances”  -1 Thessalonians 5:16-18September

September Goals

1. Enjoy one of my favorite months of the year by being outside as much as possible (running, biking, long walks, eating outdoors, etc.)

2. Create a fabulous Fall To-Do list and start crossing things off it (can you tell I like lists?!)

3. Find a great pair of boots

4. Get that passport renewed

5. Be more conscious of using reusable bags at the grocery store & remember to actually use them

6. Start a new book club

7. Play tennis and practice calligraphy

8. Celebrate lots of birthdays and lots of babies!

9. “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”  -Philippians 4:4

Choose joy.

7 thoughts on “September Goals

    1. Thanks so much, Robyn! I rarely have time to cook from scratch, so it’s something I’ve tried to do more of lately. It’s fun, especially with so many good recipes out there. I think I’m going to try Southern Living’s caramel apple blondie pie next! Or really anything with pumpkin and/or apples!

  1. Love your September goals!! I love seasonal to do lists, and I love that you’re going to start a book club! I’ve been pondering that for a while. Also, I love that you end with scripture each month!

    1. Hi Em- thanks so much for commenting! I’m already on one book club that I love, but another group of friends is interested in beginning one, too. We’re kicking off this book club with John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars,” which is absolutely excellent! I’d highly recommend joining or creating a book club – it’s so fun.

  2. We are seriously cut from the same cloth! Love fall, LOVE lists, and love your goals!! I need to spend as much time outside as possible this fall. It passes too quickly!

    1. Hey Jenny – good to hear from you & I hope you’re doing well! I’ve just been making these lists/goals on here but it helps hold me accountable to post them. I’m also about to create my annual Fall to-do list, which I adore crossing things off of!

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