Engagement Party & Shower: Fiesta

I had the best time dreaming up and planning an engagement party and couples shower for my incredible sister Bridgette and her now-husband Rob! They are truly the most amazing couple ever, & I couldn’t wait to help throw them a party/shower as fabulous as they are! My mom, Rob’s mom, and Rob’s sister were all also a huge help, and I definitely can’t take credit for everything.

Bridgette and Rob (The Langdons!) seriously love Mexican food. I mean, they really, really love it. After thinking about a theme for about five seconds, I knew we were throwing them a FIESTA! So appropriate.

We threw the party just after Christmas in our neighborhood back home, and about 70 wonderful friends and family came from near and far (from just down the street to Taiwan!) to celebrate the engagement and upcoming wedding of Bridgette and Rob. It was truly such a wonderful, joyous event, and I can only hope B & Rob felt as loved as they are (which is a ton!).

This post will have a lot of pictures, and I hope you enjoy them!

At the welcome table (we even had nametags since so many people were coming), I also included this “papel picado” Fiesta welcome! We also had pretty green and blue paper where guests could write wedding advice to the bride and groom. This is such a special, meaningful touch to hear the wisdom from loved ones!

Fresh flowers really liven a room up! These were fun and fit into the Mexican decor and colors we were going for. I also made little frames for all of the food and drinks at the party. We had a Salsa Bar, complete with about seven different flavors of salsa (with the same amount of varieties of chips to choose from!).

“Fiesta” bunting that I made for the food table.

In addition to hanging a hundred feet of blue, green, red, and purple papel picado around the huge room, my mom and I made dozens of tissue paper flowers to put in vases and Mexican soda bottles around the room.

Love IS sweet! A sign I made for the dessert table.

Papel picado bunting, burlap tablecloths on the tables, & tissue paper flowers.

I loved the food table! The papel picado bunting and Fiesta banner really set the theme, as well as our use of sombreros for serving dishes (for the chips!). We had tons of flavors/varieties of chips and salsa, guacamole, cheese dip, taquitos, other Mexican appetizers, Mexican chicken salad, and much more. I made little signs clearly labeling what each dish or salsa or chip were.

I was so proud of this cake! It was a homemade key lime cake with key lime cream cheese frosting. SO yum! I really love the cake topper I made, too! Rob loves Bridgette (and vice versa, of course!)

The other end of the dessert table! My mom and I made homemade key lime pies + Mexican wedding cookies (so appropriate!) to go with the key lime cake.

As to be expected, we had our drink table, too! Homemade red sangria and margaritas graced the table, as well as sodas, beer, and water. I love the little pop the striped navy and green straws give the table, along with the serving jars, limes, signage, festive napkins, and the pashmina draping the burlap!

The fabulous couple! Now, several months later, they are married!!

In addition to chatting and mingling with so many family and friends, we also had a slideshow playing of snapshots of Rob & Bridgette’s lives (both together and in younger years). One of my very, very favorite games to play at shower like this is the Shoe Game, and it was a rousing success. Opening gifts is always fun, and they were truly showered with lots of love and gifts!

Spending time with loved ones and celebrating such amazing milestones is one of the best things in life, truly. To me, it is a joy to put lots of thought, time, effort, and care into events like these, and it’s a small way for me to show that I love someone and care about them!

Bridgette and Rob, I hope you felt so very loved as we kicked off your wedding celebrations!

One thought on “Engagement Party & Shower: Fiesta

  1. I loved this Fiesta shower! Right down to every little detail you guys did a wonderful job! I especially love the cake topper you made!

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