Restaurant | Husk Charleston

I was in Charleston, South Carolina over Memorial Day weekend for one of my best friends’ weddings (more on that soon!), and we were able to snag brunch at the infamous Husk Restaurant in downtown Charleston. I was in food HEAVEN! And oh so very, very excited about this meal/experience. After hearing Southern Living, every other food magazine, many of my favorite bloggers, and lots of local friends rave and rave about Husk, I was absolutely thrilled that we had time in our schedule before the wedding to eat there!

Three of my best friends and I had a late brunch there, and it was one of those moments – a truly delicious meal, an incredible setting, and the best company. Check out the last picture in this post for my feelings about our meal at Husk! The weather in Charleston was perfect that weekend – 80s and sunny with practically no humidity (what?!). Husk is an all-around beautiful restaurant in an old white traditional-Charleston home with double porches. It’s nestled amongst the cobblestone streets, palm trees, and quaint Southern buildings of the city. I am slightly obsessed with porches (especially with the customary haint blue ceilings!), and this locale was perfection! The four of us were able to have brunch outside on the second story porch – I couldn’t have asked for a better or more picturesque dining location and view.

And then the food.. oh, the food. Of course, I had to have sweet tea (DC just doesn’t do sweet tea the way Southerners do it!). Fresh from the oven benne seed rolls with butter were served, and then out main courses arrived. My meal was absolutely divine, and I am still drooling just thinking about it! My brunch was BBQ glazed NC confit duck leg, Tennessee cheddar grits, kale and red pepper salad, and a  fried egg. YUM! Every single bite was marvelous, and it was so Southern, so fresh, and so local. I mean, really.. it was all amazing.

If you get a chance to visit Charleston (which is one of my favorite places in the world!), you must add Husk to your list! It is perfection.


Silliest picture of me (I don’t even remember it being taken!), but this clearly shows just how excited I was for our meal at Husk:


Weekend Recap: 1

After traveling several of the last weekends, it was refreshing to stay put in DC and enjoy all that Fall has to offer.

One of my favorite perks of my job is our 3:00pm departure time every Friday afternoon. Seriously, I could go on and on about how precious these extra 2.5 hours of freedom are to me! Allie, one of my dearest friends here in DC (and since my freshman year of college!), is moving back to North Carolina in December (don’t even get me started…), so we are attempting to cross some final DC bucket list items off of her to-do list.

We kicked off the weekend with fancy drinks at the historic and oh so beautiful Tabard Inn in Dupont Circle. You can read more about Tabard Inn’s long and fascinating history here. We wandered around the eclectic, cozy, and ornate inn, poking our heads into the several dining areas. Allie and I settled on some Victorian couches in one of the bar areas & ordered some fun drinks. She got the Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy Zig and I got the Second to Last Word – delicious! We then headed to one of our favorite dinner spots in Georgetown, Old Glory, for some cornbread, BBQ, and pumpkin beer!

I started off Saturday morning playing tennis with Alyss… so fun! We’ve played a couple times this Fall, and it’s wonderful being back on the courts again. I could get used to this, for sure.

Allison & Lindsey then ventured out to the ‘burbs of Northern Virginia! The three of us have been friends since the very beginning of freshman year, and we all lived in the same suite our sophomore year at UNC. We’re all originally from Charlotte… then Chapel Hill… then moved to DC! We headed out to Great Falls National Park (which thankfully reopened this past week!) for an afternoon of hiking. It was a pretty cloudy day, but it was so nice to get out in the fresh, cool air and stretch our legs. I never get tired of seeing the beautiful falls, watching kayakers try to navigate the falls, and observing the leaves changing colors. Plus, it’s always fun to spend time with these two!

We headed to Trader Joe’s after our hike to pick up ingredients for a little chili & cornbread dinner party feast! I venture to TJ’s every week, since it’s right around the corner from my house, but it’s a rare occurrence for Allison & LIndsey to go… I think they had fun! We had a delicious cheese, crackers, & mulled red wine appetizer while prepping for chili and broccoli cheese cornbread. I love having intimate dinner parties with friends, and this one was so perfect and Fall-inspired.

I met up with my beautiful pregnant friend, Megan, for lunch on Sunday – she is constantly craving Mexican food, so we catered to that craving! I think Baby Gianna was happy, too. It’s so fun to watch your friends grow throughout the weeks right in front of you, and I absolutely cannot wait to meet Baby Gianna next month!

Allie and I met back up with our friends Mallory and Brett for a day in Old Town Alexandria and charming Del Ray. We started off at another DC bucket list item: the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. I’ve driven by this masonic temple dozens of times, but I’d always been so curious to go inside and see what it was really like. It’s also a central location in one of my favorite books, Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol! It’s such a beautiful, iconic masonic temple, and I love that tours ($8) are open to the public, too. There is gorgeous artwork throughout, lots of statutes, a few museums, and lots of historic artifacts. The informational tour also takes you out to the high observation desk. This outdoor observation deck provides stunning panoramic views of Northern Virginia, Old Town Alexandria, the National Harbour in Maryland, and even of downtown Washington, DC + the monuments and the Capitol. It’s so pretty, and I love being on the highest structure around!

We then headed over to another Old Town favorite, Port City Brewery. Unfortunately, they are already sold out of their amazing Octoberfest beer, but I settled for their dark Porter (which I think would be so excellent poured over coffee ice cream, too!). The four of us then ventured over to Del Ray, a small suburb close to Old Town Alexandria. I had only ever heard of Del Ray, and I mistakenly thought there wasn’t much to it. Boy, was I wrong! It’s the cutest, most quaint town with a great main street. I can’t wait to check it out again! We went to the highly-recommended Taqueria Poblano for an a-ma-zing dinner. I love little authentic Mexican places, and you could just tell this is a local favorite. We all loved every dish we ordered, and I definitely would go back- yum! It was such a fun day with these friends, and I love packed days full of adventures like this.

After such a jam-packed and fun weekend, I ended it curled up on the couch (for the first time in weeks!) with a warm mug of apple cider + The Amazing Race – a great end to a fabulous weekend!

Fall Inspired Cocktails

A few fabulous Fall-inspired cocktails that I’ve enjoyed recently…

Mulled Wine


Inspired by a trip to the cute Northern Virginia town of Occuquan with my friend Allie, this is one of the simplest and best Fall cocktails. Simply combine a bottle of spiced apple cider with a bottle of your favorite red wine (you can decide on the proportion of each!).. then warm up on the stove or in your Crockpot with some cinnamon sticks. Serve warm and enjoy – this is the epitome of autumn in a cup, to me!

Apple Bourbon Sangria

(props to Bridgette and Rob for introducing me to this creation!)

When visiting my sister & her husband, they treated me to an amazing cocktail that we all enjoyed immensely! Apple bourbon sangria is a great Fall-inspired cocktail, and I love trying something so different the usual types of cocktails that I enjoy. Add ice and then slice up apple slices (preferably from mountain orchard apples you picked that morning!) & add to glass. Pour in hard apple cider 2/3 of the way & then top off with bourbon (we used Bulleit Bourbon – yum) + stir. Delicious and festive!

Salted Caramel Apple Cider


I made this fantastic drink for the first time recently, and wow! I didn’t even know there was salted caramel vodka out their, and now I want to find infinite uses for it! To make this drink, simply add salted caramel vodka to apple cider – hot or cold. Stir, sip, and thoroughly enjoy this – it’s addictive and just like a grown-up caramel apple cider!

Tell me, what are your go-to recipes and creations?!