Restaurant | Husk Charleston

I was in Charleston, South Carolina over Memorial Day weekend for one of my best friends' weddings (more on that soon!), and we were able to snag brunch at the infamous Husk Restaurant in downtown Charleston. I was in food HEAVEN! And oh so very, very excited about this meal/experience. After hearing Southern Living, every other food … Continue reading Restaurant | Husk Charleston

Recipes: Greek Tzatziki Pasta & Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

True to my August goals, I've been trying to cook a little more often this month - fresh, flavorful meals. I don't cook meals from scratch all that often for several reasons (hard to cook for one, I loathe eating alone, I prefer dinners out with friends/find it more convenient to meet friends out, etc.) … Continue reading Recipes: Greek Tzatziki Pasta & Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Bridgette’s NYC Bachelorette

Among countless other reasons, one of the things I was most excited about being Bridgette's maid of honor was throwing her bachelorette party. Or rather, her bachelorette parties! Why yes, this incredible sister of mine is quite deserving of having not one, but two!, bachelorette celebrations. Double the fun, for sure. Bridgette lives in NYC (at least … Continue reading Bridgette’s NYC Bachelorette