Sunflowers at Dix Park

The glorious sunflower fields were in bloom at Dorothea Dix Park, and what a sight to behold they were in July! The Dorothea Dix Park is one of our very favorite spots in all of Raleigh, and the skyline views of downtown Raleigh are so beautiful, too. We go to this park quite often for picnics, for outdoor articles club, for walks, to meet up with friends… it’s very convenient and very central. And each summer, the sunflower fields are bursting with acres of perfect sunflowers! It’s just gorgeous to see in person.

Each summer, the park plants thousands of sunflowers, and it was the perfect spot to enjoy the bright blooming flowers, all of them a few feet taller than us. It was so stunning seeing rows upon rows of colorful, perfect sunflowers towering as far as the eye could see. This summer, we’ve enjoyed a few walks around the parks and sunflower field (mostly on weekdays when it’s less crowded!), and we’d been anxiously awaiting sunflower blooms in the flower field. The colorful, towering flower fields are a sight to behold and such a beautiful burst of color, and they really take your breath away and are even more impressive in person!

If you didn’t get a chance to go this summer, bookmark it for next summer! Bring a picnic to enjoy in the spacious park, put on your running shoes, take your dog for a walk, and enjoy some time in beautiful nature… just minutes from downtown Raleigh!

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